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Pharlain IV - Some Live Posting

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So the aim of this is going to be to try and do some live posting from the day of the tournament, maybe a breakdown of results game by game, hopefully something to keep everyone interested! 


First up three quick snaps of tables we will be using today.... missing two of them, but i will get them on here when i get to the tournament today! 


3500 points, 3 games, hopefully 8 participants! 








More pictures as best I can around the rest of the day! 

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Game 1 Pictures


The Aquans survey the battlefield before their enemy arrives.




The Directorate plan their strategy facing the Sorylians before deployment.




While the rest of the Aquan forces present on Pharlain IV prepare to deal with the Dindrenzi threat. (Serious faces for deployment here!)



While the Terrans & their Sorylian allies assess the situation after the Relthozan predator advance.





Another Terran force was threatening the main Aquan advance, and had a force dispatched to deal with them. 





Strategy picked, the battle lines are drawn and the Sorylians advance! 






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The Thin Blue line!






Two thin blue lines! 





The Terrans & Relthozans get up close and personal.





While the Aquans try to turn the Dindrenzi flank




The Directorate casualties mount (closest models to the bottom of the picture




While the Hyperion is on its last legs! (well DR)




Round 1 saw:


Aquans vs Terrans (Aquan Victory)

Aquans vs Dindrenzi (Aquan Victory)

Directorate vs Sorylians (Directorate Victory)

Terrans vs Relthozans (Relthozan Victory)


Pharlain IV standings:

Zenian League 2 

Kurak Alliance 2


More Pictures from Round 2 later tonight / tomorrow....

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Now for Round 2! 


First up we have the Relthozans & Aquans squaring off against each other on the top table... well discussing the battlefield before setting up the models! 





This one has Dramos written all over it, with Terrans & Dindrenzi fighting over the green green fields.




A little bit blurry, but here the Aquans & Directorate face off against each other!  (Yup me Vs Spartan Derek!)




The lone surviving Khitari stand, his unit of three guys manage to take a Patriot charge to the face, and the rest of the Recon Helix trying to kill them as well.. this time Derek couldnt roll his 6's! 




It looks messy over there for the Dindrenzi! 




While the Aquans close in on the Relthozans.



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Meanwhile the Terrans & Sorylians are facing off.




At the end of Round 2


Aquans vs Relthozans (Aquan Victory)

Aquans vs Directorate (Directorate Victory)

Terrans vs Dindrenzi (Terran Victory)

Terrans vs Sorylians (Terran Victory)


Overall control of Pharlain IV


Kurak Alliance: 5 Victories

Zenian League: 3 Victories


More pictures from round 3 in the next few days! 


I may even get round to writing a battle report or two for my games! 

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