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Are Trojans worth taking without Arbiter Command Barge?

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From my games as the Directorate, I've felt the Trojan cyber warfare tanks have been a bit lacking whenever I use them, the cyber chart can be unreliable.

I have however not been using the Arbiter command tanks.


It looks obvious that having two of these tanks would give Trojans a great time, but I feel without them you have nowhere near as much control over cyber results.

Do you bother taking Trojan tanks when you don't run Arbiters?

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In my experience yes.


I think that some people look at AD as the be all and end all, and for 200 points the Trojans are an absolute Bargin.


They are:

  • A 14 AD Cyber attack that allows a variety of results, which with careful planning are NEVER bad (i.e shoot at an unactivated unit and every result is good).
  • An extra activation to draw out enemy activation
  • Cloaked
  • Generally get ignored by the enemy due to Cloak & Low TV
  • 10 CQB, with Terror
  • Mobile Terrain.

There is nothing else in our arsenal that fufils all of those requirements.


They block line of sight to everything else in our list except for the Battle Robots, while being cloaked, which means the enemy has to waste firepower to kill them, and the general view on the forums is that it is a waste of firepower so they will be reluctant to do so. 


I dont know of anything else with the resilience of the Trojans for the same points. 

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Cloaked on a 7+7 model for 100pts has always made them tough to kill, I've only ever lost 1 unit of them as other targets take priority.

I should maybe think about what my opponent will target instead.

12+11+10 cloaked for 500pts on the Arbiter along with all the benefits is appealing, it might be just enough to make people perform the mistake of shooting the Trojans as they will have an easier time killing them.

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I always try to find room for Cyber tanks, for many of the same reasons that Kraggi mentioned.  I'd disagree somewhat about all results being useful (I hate rolling Corrosive, it almost never makes any difference whatsoever in the results of follow-up attacks).  However, most of the results are solid, assuming that you are shooting at an un-activated target.  The ability to ignore target defenses means that you don't really need huge AD pools to get a roll.  Against most targets, you should get at least one attempt on the table, and multiples for mediums and lights.  If nothing else, they are a *very* cheap way to shield a squad or two from return fire, and tough enough to require a significant amount of firepower to remove.  Obviously, they're better with an Arbiter, but they are still a worthwhile purchase without one.

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Does Trojan cyber attack count as shooting for the purpose of their cloaks being active?

How do you guys use them to shield units? Park Trojans in front of the shielded unit, then move Trojans so you can shoot, or shoot through gaps in Trojans? Can enemy shoot through gaps too?

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