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Is there still a back log or issues filling orders?

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And DHL attempted to Deliver yesterday. 

However, their delivery monkeys cannot read, And - instead of trying the buzz code on the intercom panel they posted the delivery notice, decided since there was no buzzer code listed on the package address, I have to put in a special request to them to add the buzz code. 

Said requests take a business day - and as the delivery was after hours, that means the business day it takes will be today - it will not be delivered today


I will be getting the package on Tuesday.


That's right.  5 days after the first attempt. 

How is this express shipping again?

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All mine are either UPS international or USPS.  Which is Ironic considering every mailman I've had since living at my apt (10+ years) can't/won't walk up 6 steps to MY mailbox, they'll dump my letter mail in the 1st floor of the duplex (or next door, across the street... anywhere BUT my mailbox).... But packages? they are in my door every time...

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