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Does the Stalwart need adjustments?

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I was making a list of all kurak escorts and found the Stalwart (hawker escort) lacking something. When compared with the aquan Remora/Kappa they have similar values and cost in points (20 points) except the later is faster AND has minefields (plus mines, of course). The only advantage the Stalwart had over the Remora is the +1 CP which is quite a bit circunstatial (noticeable if a Directorate opposing fleet wants to cyberwarare it to death lol, or in the rare situation an escort gets boarded)


By checking the Alliance of Kurak book, the Stalwart has 1 shield.


So, Is it a mistake during the update on the fleet's manual, or is it intentional?


In that case I think it needs an extra MAR.



just my thougts (2 cents lol)

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Ok, got a couple of 800pt games in today to test CJ's escort rules...








If taken as a standard Escort (+2pd) it does the job. A higher CR than the Squire at the expense of the shield, so the "Hawker" touch is there. Not really a standout ship though.


The CW variant essentially gives +1 AD per Escort. A needed boost, given the cost to take the CW hardpoint. Maybe 3/4/1/-?


More testing required, but a step in the right direction IMO.

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For simplicity I would give it 4 pd, since it doesn't have a shield, then leave it as it is :)


Well, if you must use common sense! :P  :D


in the end, all this is academic until decides to SG alter the stats.

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