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Covenant Ranks

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Ok, lets do somthing a little more fun, shall we?

How the heck do Covenant Millitary Ranks work?


When we were first introduced to them in Hurricane Season, it appeared that officer ranks were made up of two parts - a specialization title, followed by a military rank. For example - Custodian-Captain. It also appeared that the millitary ranks were not quite as we know them today, with Commander being the highest, as opposed to Captain.


For the specialisations, there appeared to be three variants - Curator was given to those who showed technical specialties in certain areas (Steiner was known for work with the Calimacius Time Orb, and in the addendum document when the Euclid was released, it mentioned an Indian Curator-Commander who worked on Drones), Castellan was more general vehicle-based specialisation, and Custodian...well, initially I thought Custodian was more of a command specialisation, but then Iron Scorpion showed that instead it was an Infantry specialisation. But this makes sense - in traditional military practice, Armour is subordinate to Infantry.


But then Operation Sirocco came out and threw that all into question. In the description of the Generals, Custodian-Commander Nikolaides is noted as having turned down a promotion to Castellan-Commander because doing so could have seen him transferred away from his War Fleet.


And whilst this tends to suggest a more linear structure in the rankings (like how it goes Major General, then Lieutenant General), it instantly puts the War Fleet command structure in Hurrucane Season in question - both Kwang and Sforza were both Castellan-Commanders, but both were subordinates to Custodian-Commander Argyle. 


Additionally, in Pacific Cyclone, Castellan-Commander van Diemen was in overall command of the warfleet, whilst Custodian-Commander Ibn Rachid (a land commander) was subordinate, but Custodian-Commander Graves was a Naval commander.


Can someone (preferably a Spartan team member) make sense of all this?

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