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1st go with the Assault Helix

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Today I got to play with the Assault helix and I was impressed.

I wish I have this great story about how the thrinos tore through his Directorate but that didn't happen. As a matter of fact because of his cyber weapons he caused the tanks to activate and stupid me set the thrinos up behind them blocking their move.ugh. Unfortunately my opponent had to go so I didn't even get to do anything with them.

Anyways, let's talk about why I was so impressed. My buddy loves his leviathan. It gives me nightmares. It's threat is huge but the that's not what bothers me. It's the 38in(?) grand company of death bomb that murders any thing it touches on my side. I never feel I have enough to firepower to kill his leviathan before it can drop off his infantry and devastate my lines.

Well he did it to me again. This time something was different. He decided to cqb my already activated Sakatars. Now he threw a ton of dice but wasn't an amazing roll and was suprised to find out he only killed one tank. My return attack killed 5 infantry bases!

Needless to say I was impressed. If that were against a Sedna or a unit of Lamanas I would be pulling them off the table and not even scratching his infantry in return. But it was like the seas had parted and I saw the light. We have something to compete with some of the best infanty(sorry Nix but I fear Directorates infantry more then you) in the game.

So tonight I went to eBay and bought a second assault helix. So next game will have 2 assault helix and a leviathan. I'm not so scared of infantry anymore and can out cqb his leviathan with my Thrinos.

Side note. Playing against a full on cyber war list is friggin annoying. And yes, he had 2 command helix in his list. Thats 3 grand company's and all the cyber warfare! Vommit!

Side, side note. Now how do you deal with artillery. Thank god for sectors armor but he did 2 wounds on my leviathan with one artillery strike! Gross!

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Directorate grand companies, and indeed their infantry in general, tend to be THE glass cannon of the game, hit like a mudder fodder but tend to die quiet easily themselves. honestly, they should just give the sweepers suicide vests and have done with it. 

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