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STL Trader fleet

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I designed both the upgrade and the cruisers myself and 3d printed them.

The upgrade was just to give the Zenith Turrets, so it would fit the stats better. There is another upgrade part on the bottom as well. Together they've bulked the old carrier out considerably.

The Cruiser was designed to look as close to a Cargo vessel as possible, but still look like it could put up a fight.

Basically, it was to be like a Q-Ship. Unassuming until you got too close.

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really nice.  It actually coincides with my hopes of what the official fleet would look like.  Although I was wondering if the Carrieirs might actually end up looking more like the refinery ship from the civilian pack.  But even then your carriers bear a resemblance.


Overall I think you did a great job of building on the few examples of "merchant" ships we have.

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Thanks. Went through several concepts to get to these. They are a little underwhelming in actual size, compared to the Spartansother cruisers. But all in all they aren't too bad.

Currently working on a Reformer. Got the guts of what I want it to look like down. But the aft section I giving me headaches. (trying to make it look like a mix between the Terran Dreadnought and a space station because it can move 6" a turn and its stats are more akin to a dreadnought)

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