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Brief Batrep. RoF vs KoB 1250

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A match-up between two traditional adversaries, the battle saw mighty dreadnoughts duke it out amidst the storm-tossed seas of the North Atlantic. Both Commodores secretly drew their objectives once the fleets have deployed, and after the battle we realized we drew the same ones! (Destroy 50% of enemy force including the Commodore's vessel).

Kingdom of Britannia


• King Edward III – Majesty Class Dreadnought (Commodore Nick in command)
• Ark Royal – Avenger Class Fleet Carrier
• Dauntless – Vengeance Class Submarine



• Victorious, Birmingham, Iron Duke – Tribal Class Cruisers, tagging along with the:
• Malaya – Dominion Class Support Cruiser



• Aegis, Citadel – Bastion Class Escorts (attached to King Edward III and Ark Royal)
• 121st Assault Group – 5 Swift Class Corvettes
• 42nd Hunter Flotilla – 5 Valiant Class Attack Submarines


Republique of France


• Triomphante – Vauban Class Surface Skimming Dreadnought (Commodore KC in command)


• Achilles, Hercules – Toulon Class Armoured Cruisers
• Héroïque, Pierre Bosquet, Danton – Dieppe Class Cruisers
• Dunkerque, Calais – Ecuyer Class Support Cruisers


• 74th Fusilier Squadron – 4 Chevalier Class Heavy Destroyers
• 89th Long Range Patrol Flotilla – 4 Lyon Class Frigates


Klaxons wailed with urgency aboard the bridge of the King Edward III as the enemy force was spotted sailing out of the English Channel. Forming an iron spearhead, the French fleet formed up around the massive, skimming Triomphante – its flight decks already busy launching fighter planes.


Rockets arc through the air towards the British ships, some of which were shot down by rapid firing defensive fire, while others found their mark and set ships aflame. The airspace between the two fleets were filled with trails of smoke and tracer fire as swarms of fighter planes from both sides struggle to achieve air superiority, while French frigates played a lethal game of hide and seek with the British attack submarines.


In return the British guns roared out their defiance. The King Edward III’s multiple turrets bracketed several enemies at once and send salvos of shells screaming overhead to deny the foe, while waves of torpedoes cross the gap between the combatants with deadly intent. Special attention was given to the Toulon Class Armoured Cruisers, for their Heat Lances were well known for their brutal efficiency.


A sudden explosion! And another! In a stroke of misfortune, the Ecuyer Class Support Cruiser Dunkerque – which but a moment ago was spitting out lead with her Volley Guns, suffered a magazine explosion which tore the ship in twain, and also took out her sister ship, the Calais, which was nearby, in yet ANOTHER magazine explosion. Debris was flung several kilometres as the two ships went down.


Lady Luck, however, is a fickle mistress – at a most unfortunate moment, the King Edward III’s anti air defenses was taken offline by a critical hit. The lack of AA fire was noticed by the French fleet, and the British dreadnought was severely punished by salvo upon salvo of rockets from the Triomphante and the 74th Fusilier Squadron. It was only through the efforts of the plucky crews from the Aegis, whose valiant efforts at protecting its parent vessel with its own AA guns, that the hulking dreadnought was not sunk.


Suddenly, like a mythical monster emerging from the depths, the Dauntless made its presence known. The massive chainsaw along its deck roared into life, and it rammed into the Triomphante, severely damaging its Gravity Nullification Engines and causing massive hull damage as it ripped through the vulnerable underside of the skimming ship. Lurking all this while under the waters, it saw an opening to the enemy Commodore’s vessel and took the chance – stabbing like a hidden dagger! Marines leap from the submarine’s deck, intent on capturing the French commodore alive. However the French rapid firing defenses cut down all of them! With its complement of Marines defeated, the Dauntless would be vulnerable to a counter-boarding attempt, and its Captain wisely took the vessel beneath the waves again.


Sensing weakness, Victorious, Birmingham and Iron Duke took the fight to the Triomphante. Knowing that the thick armour and defensive cloud generator would impair shooting, the Cruisers instead closed in and swarmed the French ship with marines. Despite being beaten back, the British marines have severely mauled the elite garde du corps of Commodore KC…. Leaving it wide open for the heavily listing King Edward III to limp into range and initiate another boarding attempt – this time led by Commodore Nick himself with elite Royal Marine Commandos.


After an intense duel on board the Vauban, Commodore KC formally agrees to go have some tea with Commodore Nick. ;) Thanks for reading! 

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