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Commander Drakere

Covenant newbie! First bash at list building

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Heyo guys!


Newbie here to all things DWars after someone finally talked me into picking this game up. Won't say who but he may be an Australian that wishes he was German, if you ask me... Anyways! New to the game and found out of all the fleets the one whose Aesthetic appealed most to me was the Covenant, and after reading through rules, musing and looking through things, I came up with my first 1,250pt draft fleet to build towards and wondered what critique and possible suggestions you all might have and advice on how to play/use things..!


Now, I will state now, by far when it comes to me as a wargamer, pleasing aesthetic for my collection and fleet I put on the board overrides anything else, even winning. I don't mind if I lose, as long as I have fun and try to put up a reasonable decent resistence/fight. With that said, I did draw up a list of models I like for fleet construction, incase anyone but me can be bothered to consider it before giving advice..! xD That list being:


Prometheus, Diophantus, Pericles, Hippasus, Fresnel, Zeno, Cleomedes, Plato, Plutarch, Diogenes, Thales

Dislikes: Pretty much everything else..!


That said, I can maybe be persuade to include the Epicurus, Daedalus and Icarus, though anything else I just don't like as to how it fits into my fleet aesthetic, not a huge fan of the Worm sub or the flying saucers, I am much more a preference to ship of the line kinda guy. x)


With that all said..! Onward to the first draft list..!



Diophantus Assault Carrier, w/ DL(9) - 300pts (Commodore)



3x Cleomedes Cruisers - 240pts

2x Fresnel Gunships - 200pts

Hippasus, w/ Energy Turrets - 135pts



3x Plutarch Destroyers - 135pts

3x Plutarch Destroyers - 135pts

4x Diogenes - 100pts


Overall: 1,245pts


Well.. that's it, feel free to rip into me for my limitations/restrictions but eh.. i'd still like to try and put up a fight with them in mind, just don't mind if it's a completely poor list/idea. :D

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Go with what you like. I usually do the same (although, with my collection, some models get used more than others).

The only thing that I would always consider, when compiling my lists, is "will someone prizing this ship cost me the game?" It won't stop me from running the thing, but it will affect what I'm going to use to protect it: eg assigning a CAP and/or Escorts.

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Anyone who tries to talk you into using a Daedalus or Icarus is not a nice person :P

Your like-the-look-of list contains a fine selection of excellent units, though I feel compelled to ask if you have considered the Kepler :)


For your list, it has a number of good synergies units that can support each other. Hippasus teleporting Plutarchs is a powerful tool when it works. Fresnels and Diogenes work very well together. Cleomedes are a decent generalist unit to hold the front line.

It also has a few weaknesses. Diophantus and Fresnels are vulnerable boarding targets, you have no real boarding threats yourself. You have only one large/massive squadron, which will make the "Kill the Commodore" and "Kill all large/massives" rather easy for your opponent. The Diophantus is a tough brick, but it can be focus fired down and boarded just like any other ship and when it goes it will cost you a massive chunk of points (if it gets prized it will most likely cost you the game). Protect it well!

My only suggestion would be to swap out the 4 Diogenes for 5 Thales. They will go nicely with your other smalls/Hippasus and will give you a boarding threat to play with.

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Yep, that is the one glaring weakness I am aware of with my list, in that my limitations of liking mostly the Diophantus, Prometheus and Pericles as my main Large likes I really will be limited to just one of them in most games, unless I go like double Pericles but that doesn't seem good to me. x) Main plan was to probably run a CAP with the Dio and keep it loooooow and Wave Lurking until I feel safe committing it to the fight, or until I need to relaunch some Drones, and murderate anything that looks like it might be trying to b-line to it. XD


And can try running Thales instead, they're an easy swap from Diogenes as it's 100pts for 100pts! I just figured i'd use the Diogenes since they bring abit more Umph in firepower and as Covenant seem to be a boarding weak faction as it is i'd bother with more ranged firepower over boarding.


Keplers I considered, and they're alright but I really don't much like the Aristotle. x) and I figured if i'm taking 2x Keplers, then wouldn't I be better off with Pericles instead? Brings almost as much wings for cheaper and with energy turrets it has essentially same ranged firepower, just in turret form over broadsides. Though I figured Keplers as they are rarely should be in a position to make use of both it's broadsides, but why do you ask?


That is one thing I don't have much idea of what to do with though.. my SAS. I haven't quite wrapped my head around what SAS to take and how much of it to take.

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We have access to a lot of drone launchers in our fleet. Unfortunately most of them range from decent-ish to a plain liability. The Kepler is one of the few exceptions, the Keper is good! They are moderately survivable (higher than average DR, inventive shield, 5 HP, ability to wavelurk and specialist defences to keep off the enemy boarders.) They don't often survive the fight, but it takes effort to sink them. They can also be placed in advance deployment, which brings their payload of drones a bit closer to the enemy and allows relaunches in a more advantageous position. Which they desperately need.

You see, the reason our carriers are mostly meh is that a little while ago a CoA carrier spam list could overpower most enemy fleets fairly easily. Drone spam was broken. So Spartan nerfed the drones and nerfed the carriers. Both nerfs combined has had a nasty affect on a lot of our (many) carrier options.


On Pericles vs Kepler

The Pericles is a bit tougher than a Kepler, but sinking 2 Keplers is much tougher than sinking a single Pericles.

The Pericles brings 9 drones, 2 Keplers bring 10.

Pericles brings more firepower. Keplers are faster and can bring their relaunched drones into better positions.

2 dead Keplers is worth 240 victory points for the enemy. 1 dead Pericles is worth 270 points.

Keplers are rarely worth boarding, certainly as a pair. Pericles is well worth boarding. Prized, a Pericles is worth 440 points

They are, overall, very comparable. The main reason for bringing either of them is the SAS support, and the Keplers are just so much better at allowing your drones to be in the right places at the right times. A Pericles... is just a liability.

Sorry, mini rant over.


CoA and Boarding.

On the whole, we don't excel at this. In fact, it is one of our biggest weaknesses. We have some specialist vessels that are brilliant up close (Zeno, Thales, Plutarch) and some that are ok up close (Cleomedes, Diogenes) but on the most part, we prefer to engage a bit further away. That said, boarding is the most efficient way to get rid of the toughest ships in the game and is the way to get the most points. It needs to be considered in our lists. Additionally, we can use units like the Thales to counter-board an enemy boarding unit. This hopefully strips it of its potency even if it doesn't kill it. We are a fleet of specialists, and can easily create a boarding-happy fleet. Don't discount it just because not all our ships like it :P


Use of SAS

If you have a big points sink unit that can lose you the game if someone board it (like the Diophantus) then I would heavily advise sticking a full 5 strong fighter cap on it.

Our fighters are very slow in comparison to others, it makes it very hard to use them aggressively. However, our drones have the rule "swarm tactics" which makes them a bit more effective than most other nations. It means we can operate in lower squadron sizes with our drones (and thus get more activations out of them) without compromising their firepower. Wings of 3 fighters are good at destroying enemy small flyers or crippling an enemy bomber squadron.

Our bombers are powerful, they are one of our few tools that can cause critical hits against enemy large/massives easily. Getting them there is a problem of course, since we cannot protect them in a carrier bubble like other factions.

Overall, experiment and see how they go. I will admit that I find it hard to get much mileage out of the drone network in any aggressive manner and now use it mostly for defence, caps and activations.

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Mhm, well that is some good points for the Kepler then, I just brought it up as I was wondering what the reason for 2 Kepers vs a Pericles would be as Pericles looks like more sounder choice to me for my newbie eyes. :P Hmmmm, would just need to figure what i'd use with them instead, but that'll be for another list building exercise! xP


And sad to hear about the SAS.. I thought with Swarm tactics it would mean our bombers are deadlier than others and might make up for it. :/ I pondered about using perhaps a swarm of fighters to try and knacker up enemy SAS in a suicidal blitz, then relaunching wings of bombers afterwards after i've hopefully mobbed down any opposing fighter SAS. SAS is one element of this game i'm guessing i'm gonna have to learn how to use and utilise as I go...

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