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Small houses rules

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Thought of a house rule for movement.


It's just allowing ships to stop their drives to avoid a danger instead of running into it.


At the end of the third step for movement, you can decide to stop the drives. Put a "Full Stop" token next to it to remember it.


If a ship begins its next movement phase with a "Full Stop" token, its Movement stat becomes 0.


At the end of the third step for movement, you can decide to keep or remove the token.


Ships can't begin the game with a "Full Stop" token on them, unless the scenario says otherwise.



You still have to plan your moves in advance since you have to wait for the third step of the movement phase to put the token on the miniature.



Another house rule for shooting;


If all attackers combining their attacks are in the Aft arc of their target, the DR of the defender is lowered by 1.



Just give a small advantage if you manage to get all ships in the Aft of their target. Also means you have to be more careful about how your ships are placed on the battlefield.


Tell me what you think, if you care. ;)


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