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Basildon Warboyz Battle Reports

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Hello All,


I have a fair few battle reports from the antics down at Basildon Warboyz, which is THE place for Dystopian Wars in Essex; so instead of making a thread about each one I thought I would condense them in here :)


Battle Report: FSA versus EotBS, 20th March 2016

Map: A Bridge Too Far
Points: 2000 per fleet
Victory Conditions: Points Total

FSA 2000 points
EotBS 120 points

The introduction of a huge bridge across the middle of the map made spotting and indirect fire a must for primary weapons and rockets.
Ships could move under the bridge and aerial units could move over.

From the start the FSA fielded a very strong line up with aerial carriers (one being their commodore) a dreadnought and a variety of medium and large battleships, accompanied by two squadrons of frigates and two rocket bombers in the air.

The EotBS fielded 3 Kaiju heavy battleships, 2 assault carriers, 3 stratospheric gyros and a collection of medium ships with 2 squadrons of Tetsubo interceptors to plug holes in the EotBS line.

Early exchanges of fire saw 1 mizuchi cruiser go down under a hail of gunnery, with another mizuchi and 2 tanuki gunships falling in the opening round.

It took around 3.5 hours for the EotBS to score a unit kill, one of the FSA rocket bombers, all the while the EotBS were taking damage and eventually lost their commodore.

FSA decided to hang back behind the bridge and cliffs using their ranged gunnery to inflict maximum damage. EotBS had no choice but to charge forward and engage - however FSA firepower won the day again with the EotBS conceding defeat in the 6th turn.

A punishing defeat for the EotBS.



The initial set up






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A quick report from the last match we had at Basildon Warboyz on 3rd of April !!


Battle Report: Republique of France vs FSA vs EotBS

Points:1500 per fleet
Victory Conditions: Points Total
Secondary Objectives: Collect objective markers for 10% extra points

1st: FSA > 1105
2nd: Republique of France > 955
3rd: EotBS > 470

Summary: A narrow win for the FSA, RoF with a late points charge and a much improved line up for the EotBS

Today's match was a 3way encounter pitting the FSA, unbeaten in 5 matches, against the old enemy, EotBS; who added some new units to their line up, plus the Republique of France threw a fleet into the mix.

EotBS drew the first blood, taking out a RoF small and the FSA followed up dowing a EotBS heavy bomber with a volley of gunfire from several ships including their dreadnought.

Early moves in the game meant the FSA were stretched very thin, with their fleet having to counter an EotBS battering ram consisting of a Hachiman dreadnought, a Raijin gyo, squadron of Tanuki gunships, two Tenkei fortresses and one heavy bomber - whilst ensuring the Rof Fleet, which had a heavy battleship, dreadnought and an array of mediums were kept in check.

A squadron of Tanuki gunships nipped into the centre of the board to grab an objective and to lure the FSA dreadnought into open seas and to bring the dread into a killbox filled with EotBS heavies - later in the game the gunships were blasted apart and two were rammed (with one being sunk) by the FSA dreadnought.

Meanwhile the RoF had a torrid time with some utterly horrid dice rolls, usually reserved for the EotbS and did not rack up a kill until 4 hours into the match claiming an Uwatsu frigate.

Eotbs were content picking off French smalls and added several to their pile, whilst the FSA kept hammering RoF mediums with moderate success.

Midway through the game the FSA dreadnought was caught in a very nasty situation, with 4 large/massive EotBS ships bearing down on it and reducing the HP enough to make the turrets almost non effective - a New Orleans ship supporting the dreadnought failed to repair the dreadnought on 3 occasions and even the supporting FSA frigate squadron had little success - with dive bombers and EotBS removing them from play.

Then the French woke up.....

In the space of two hours the French claimed the last few HP on the stricken FSA dreadnought, bagging over 400 points in the process, an FSA blimp, an FSA bomber and in the last throws of the match the RoF dreadnought tore apart the FSA commodore claiming even more victory points.

The EotBS, in fairness did not have a lot to shoot at, with the FSA mediums and weaker ships deployed towards the RoF lines and therefore had to be content with 3rd place, although a much improved line up and the new units due to be added to the EotBS listing could well mean a turnaround in the nation's fortunes.

For the FSA, it was not all one sided and at one point the FSA were stretched so thin that it almost became two lots of 750 points versus each ot the enemy fleets. However they hung on and despite some critical losses, including the first dreadnought loss, claimed the victory - albeit a narrow one and some food for thought for their admiral.

The RoF had a game of two halves; couldn't hit anything for hours and suffered heavy small and medium losses, then in the second half, bagged some heavy points totals causing the FSA admiral to become very nervous - the RoF drifted towards the FSA lines and left the EotBS relatively untouched.


All in all, a good match - a close match and the gap between the FSA and the other nations seems that bit smaller today.





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Another Battle Report: 13th March


Battle Report: FSA vs Chinese Federation / Prussian Empire

Conditions: 1500 points per fleet. FSA must protect a merchant convoy from enemy attack

Victory Conditions: 
50% of the Allied Merchant Convoy to reach opposite side of the map
Enemy Fleet to destroy 50% of the Allied Convoy
Secondary conditions; destroy the enemy fleet / victory point total.

Result: FSA secondary objective win in the 8th turn

The FSA fleet started off surrounding a merchant convoy, made of a troop carrier and six medium sized barges carrying vital military supplies. The FSA deployed two carriers, several powerful battleships and their commodore was aboard a floating repair ship.

The Enemy Fleet consisted of a Zhanmadao floating dreadnought, with two supporting bastions and two squadrons of frigates, the Prussians opted to place their commodore on board an Imperium floating fortress, with a Kaiser Karl, two assault blimps and a squadron of mine layers.

The FSA was split guarding both flanks, with the Enemy Fleet starting towards the end of the board on the flanking edges. Quickly the enemy fleet joined up and consolidated it's fighter squadrons together to ward off FSA air power.

Two FSA bombers approached enemy lines and one was shot down in the 4th turn with the other following in turn 5.

Multiple Chinese frigates were sunk under a hail of FSA gunfire with a medium FSA capital ship being sunk in response from a barrage of rockets.

The merchant convoy snaked across the board and eventually lost two barges, with another 1HP away from being sunk.

The Prussians lost their commodore in turn 7 via a relentless barrage of SAW fighter attacks and a Dun bastion went down the turn after.

A good victory for the FSA.






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Battle Report: FSA/KoB (Grand Coalition: GC) versus EotBS/Chinese Federation (Imperial Bond: IB)

Fleet points: 750 per faction, 1500 total per fleet
Victory Conditions: Points

Result: Imperial Bond Victory
FSA/KoB: 725
EotBS/CF: 935

FSA's 6 match unbeaten run comes to an end.

In what was a bruising encounter between two fleets of 1500 points the Imperial Bond came out on top, beating the Grand Coalition, with some heavy firepower.

Both the IB and GC set up on opposite sides of the board with the factions remaining as independent battle groups with a Commodore per faction. House rules were only surface level models, max 1 large (max 200 points) with the rest of the fleet having to have at least 1 squadron of small and 1 of medium.

Two new players joined the DW ranks, with one taking charge of the KoB and another taking the helm of the brutal CF.

Four commodore started and finished the match, with only the Chinese taking damage, with the medium and small ships bearing the brunt of the gunfire.

Early turns were tentative with both fleets resisting moving into the RB3 kill zone, of which the GC favoured, however the IB needed to close down the distance and let rip with flame weaponry and superior close quarters firepower.

A Tanuki squadron was moved into the centre to take on a medium FSA battleship and one of the Tanukis became the games first casualty; suffering from a hail of thunderous FSA gunnery.

However the FSA ship quickly found itself isolated and suffered several critical hits throughout the game, with the ship in disarray and on fire it eventually went down later in the game.

Two Lord Hood Battlecruisers punished the IB lines and delivered some heavy gunnery to the IB taking out a couple of vessels and delivering decent HP losses, all the while using its shields to survive the opening rounds.

A squadron of Wo-Dao's and a Guan-Dao inflicted high HP and AP losses to a squadron of Princetons, with the Princetons and Guildfords, supporting, sinking the Guan-Dao and hammering several of the Wo-Dao's. In this mini battle 2 Wo-Dao's were lost, a Princeton and several Guildfords were sunk - with the Chinese commodore, a Jian MkII, arriving to chip away at the remaining FSA ships.

The Princetons high ratings, firepower and survivability made them a stubborn foe and sucked in the majority of the Chinese, away from the KoB and FSA commodore, absorbing fire and diverting the CF away from the EOTBS lines.

On the other side of the table a squadron of Orion destroyers and a squadron of Attacker frigates polished off several Uwatsu frigates and the remaining Tanukis; who were suffering from being the usual bullet magnets - but a late charge from a squadron of Nakatsus damaged several KoB vessels.

The Nakatsus also sunk one of the damaged Lord Hood's, which had been weakened with the fore guns of the Wo-Dao's whom were now broadsiding the remaining Guildfords and Princetons, with the other Lord Hood being sunk by the EOTBS commodore.

It was not all one way traffic -the Wo-Dao squadron lost two of its vessels and the last Wo-Dao was down to 2HP as they became a focus for the last Lord Hood, several Uwatsus became Swiss cheese due to some high precision gunnery and a Nakatsu was sunk with some hefty firepower.

The IB stuck together and drove the GC fleets in two, with the surviving Princetons cut off from the rest of the remaining GC fleet

The EOTBS commodore made a late charge and arrived into the centre of the table; with one volley of all its weapon systems firing it sunk two Orions, the last hit point of the 2nd Lord Hood and 3 Attacker frigates - sending the IB into the lead and securing the victory.

A bruising encounter, which saw two new players take on two unfamiliar fleets; but some excellent dice rolls and a brutal Sokotsu barrage secure the win for the IB.


















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As the FSA player assisting the unfamiliar British I do feel we used the Brits poorly. Overestimated their long range ability and Didn't use them aggressively enough. Still lots of key points were learnt. A great game.

All that really matters is that everyone had a good time.

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Another battle report - by two Warboyz members >> a match focusing on carriers !


Battle Report: Chinese Federation versus FSA

Conditions: Victory point win
Points: 2000 per fleet
Outcome: FSA victory
Unit of the match: FSA Dreadnought


A brutal match between the FSA and the CF took place with both fleets deploying nearly their entire carrier forces with upwards of 20 SAW's in the air. Early exchanges saw first blood to the CF as an FSA bomber was shot down, followed by another, with the FSA shattering a Dun bastion. Medium carrier losses for the CF mounted leaving a make or break battle for the skies as all SAW's engaged, with the CF coming out on top.


Mid way through the game a retreating Zhanmadao fortress was forced to further retreat under combined FSA firepower and it's isolated systems MAR saved it from being teleported off the battleground. Two more volleys and the 1st Zhanmadao went down in a ball of flames gifting the FSA with 490 victory points (ouch) with the FSA dreadnought also ramming and sinking two wounded mid class cruisers It wasn't all one way traffic - a magazine explosion eminating from an FSA medium cruiser ripped itself apart, damaged two more cruisers, one carrier and sunk 6 frigates.


CF assault teams also prized the wounded FSA carrier and the FSA'S dreadnought ended the game with 2HP much like the CF's last Zhanmadao.

A series of medium ship losses on both sides added to the points total and it finished FSA: 1755 CF: 970

10 dice were also put in the "naughty" bin for not registering a single hit in an SAW dogfight for the CF.


Great match and the FSA march on








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Dystopian Wars Battle Report:

Primary objective: Capture and hold onto the floating crate of super mystery
Secondary objective: Destroy enemy fleets
Rules: No large or massive units, 750 points each per fleet

FSA: Christopher Fairholm 
Prussians: Brendon Wheatley
Italians: Daniel Foucher
Black Wolves: Rich Mackenzie

The primary objective starts in the middle of the map, with the fleet holding the objective at the end of the game declared the winner.
Turns 1 and 2 saw a punishing exchange between the Prussians and the FSA seeing the Prussians coming off worse, losing a high number of ships. The Italian and Black Wolves formed a uneasy alliance, with the Italians dashing forward for the objective.
Turn 3 saw another high amount of Prussian casualties, with several small FSA frigates being sunk in return. The Italians moved in for the objective and claimed it via their Minerva Battleship, however a critical and 2 corrosion markers saw the ships hold on the objective shaky at best.
Turn 4 saw a huge amount of skullduggery as the crafty Black Wolves maneuvered into position and pound the Italian ships from behind, a high level of 2's and 3's saw the Italians escape mostly unscathed. Prussians went down to two squadrons, losing almost 80% of their force before they became embroiled in capturing the objective.
FSA'S proficient gunnery kept them in a secondary objective lead, but their main ships far away from the primary objective.
Turn 5 saw the Minerva go down via the Black Wolves, but several Italian corvettes scooped up the objective and made off for high seas.
Black Wolves were in hot pursuit and sunk several of the corvettes, but were inches away from the objective and all teams ran out of time.

Primary objective win: Nobody
Secondary objective win: FSA
Skullduggery award: Black Wolves








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Battle Report: FSA versus EOTBS

The latest skirmish in the escalating war between the two factions...

Points: 1500 per fleet
Objectives: highest VP wins

This match was a true masterclass on how to setup a fleet correctly and how to not setup your fleet correctly.

The FSA fielded their new flying units, several battle blimps and heavy bombers, whilst fielding carriers and a dreadnought.

The EOTBS setup to capture/prize ships and...well, it didn't work. The Yurei terror ship was hit with a critical, sending it into a cliff via teleportation, two Ika's were torpedoed to death by superior enemy air power and Zarigani squid squads were picked off by sheer weight of dice rolls.

FSA secured a crushing victory forcing a surrender from the EOTBS in turn 4.







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Battle Report: FSA versus EotBS
Match type: Straight fight
Points: 1500 total per fleet, split into 3 blocks of 500. 500 deployed initially and D6 to determine the turn of each of the 500 point blocks.

EotBS: 1430 points 
FSA: 930 points

A straight up fight, no objectives between the FSA and EotBS, in their long running fued, saw the EotBS defeat the FSA by 500 points.
11 turns were played out with FSA reinforcements arriving on turn 1 and turn 5, with EotBS forces arriving on turns 2 and 6.

EotBS scored some early kills and the FSA did not sink a single ship until turn 4! However the FSA prized 2 Kiyohime assault carriers and badly damaged a Hachiman dreadnought.

The Ayakashi redeemed itself and took no prisoners as it obliterated several key FSA ships.

Other noticeable moments: a pack of EotBS frigates claimed a critical hit on an FSA battleship teetering close to the edge of the board. Tbe EotBS scored a double 6 on the critical table sending the battleship into a teleport. A roll of a 1 or 6 was needed to send the stricken battleship off the grid, but a 4 was rolled sending the battleship back towards the attacking EotBS frigates, colliding with 2 and scrapping them!!!!!!

2 large FSA Carriers sunk as well as several key FSA battleships, with the EotBS turning the middle of the table into a killing ground through wave after wave of punishing rocket attacks.

A great match all round - but the FSA were finally halted, their winning streak over and dealt a crushing defeat with their fleet in flames.









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FSA vs Empire of the Blazing Sun. 1500 points each

FSA: 1510 PTS
EotBS: 1540 PTS

Both commodores lost, FSA lost two carriers and the Ayakashi suffers it's first destruction, costing the EotBS 500 victory points.

A very close and very well fought encounter which say the EotBS claim first blood, but turns 2 and 3 saw poor dice rolls for the EotBS of which the FSA capitalised on, claiming two lucky critical hits on the Ayakashi, with the FSA losing a main battleship.

Turn 4 saw the Ayakashi taken down by a squadron of frigates who also took out the Hachiman dreadnought (EotBS commodore) FSA commodore had its shields taken out, spotted, then went down in a hail of gunfire from two assault carriers.

Excellent match and ends the EotBS losing streak.







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Danish/Prussian versus FSA/KoB

1310 points Danish / Prussian fleet
1290 points FSA / KoB fleet

Both fleets fielded very strong line ups and were out for blood from the off.

FSA lost 2 main carriers and 2 battleships as their noticeable losses, with KoB losing 2 subs and a Halifax bomber. Prussian and Danish casualties were high losing a generous amount of medium and large vessels.

The result was extremely close, with a Kaiser Karl moving into RB1 and obliterating an FSA carrier, following on from the loss of another FSA carrier through boarding actions.

Great match and super close! 









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Another Battle Report

500 point per individual fleet death match + capture the objective. Two teams, made up of the Prussians, backed up Black Wolf mercs versus an alliance of the Indian Raj and FSA forces.


Prussians / Black Wolves 575 points
Indian Raj / FSA 665 points

A hotly contested battle, which saw both teams in the lead multiple teams. A sneaky ****** of an objective and a late purge of Black Wolf frigates meant the Allies stole the victory in phase 5

Great game all round - well done to the winners  FSA gunnery won the day again, with the Raj and Prussian forces taking heavy casualties





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Russians and EotBS versus KoB and the FSA
Black Wolves acting as free lance mercenaries who were able to side with who they want, when they want.

End result: KoB/FSA victory 1740 points vs 1455 points to the Russian/EotBS alliance in a 3 phase smashathon!

All nations started with 1500 points each (KoB had an additional 1500 to start) with the Black Wolves having no immediate allegiance and were to be "wooed" by the warring factions.

At the end of each phase a 500 point reinforcement group joined the fray, one group for each nation.

Biggest match so far !









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The Japanese and Italians leave the field with a bloody nose after the FSA' heavy gunnery leads then to victory.

3 turns: 2000 points each. 3 objective markers worth 300 points if you got them to your deployment zone.

Italians with Black Wolves: 380 points
EotBS: 650 points
FSA: 805 points.

The lead changed hands many times, with the Italians taking an early lead, however the FSA and the EotBS rallied by sinking tow major Italian ships. FSA, Italian and EotBS casualties mounted as smaller ships were caught in a furious crossfire.

The Black Wolves, allied with the Italians, nabbed a 300 point objective marker with their Deathbringer sub, however the overwhelming FSA gunnery sent it to the bottom of the ocean and bagged a load of VP's with the sinking to nose them in front and secure the win






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Battle Report: Prussia versus KoB
Points: 1500 per fleet (split into 750 point battle groups)
Victory Conditions: Points

Result: Prussia: 515, KoB 870
Turns: 5

Kingdom of Britainnia victory.
Unit of the Match: Lord Hood BC

Two 1500 point fleets set up, broken up into two 750 point battle groups (per side) with Bren and Ed representing Prussia and Chris and myself defending her majesty!

Another intro match to get our newest admiral used to battles, with battle groups made up of 1 large (no more than 200 points) with at least one medium and one small squadron.

KoB set out to keep Prussia at bay, using RB3 and RB4 to their advantage, whilst using the centre area of the map as a kill box. 4 Lord Hood Battle Cruisers prowled the edge of the killbox, not moving over the halfway line of the map picking off Prussian mediums.

Prussias strategy was to get into RB1 and use guns, lots of them, boarding and numerical superiority to their advantage.

From the off Prussian forces were advancing under a hefty barrage of shells, with several medium Prussian vessels suffering hull damage. KoB mediums kept back, using KoB destroyer squadrons to lure the Prussian fleet into the killbox

Suffice to say - it worked.

Prussian casualties mounted, smalls and mediums crumpled under volley after volley of devastating munitions and piercing torpedoes. KoB casualties were kept exclusively to small vessels in the opening turns.

Prussian forces eventually reached the KoB lines and opened fire, causing a double critical hit on one Lord Hood, same again on another Lord Hood and destroying a Tribal cruiser.

It was all in vain as more and more Prussian vessels were sunk and points were racked up for the KoB.

A Prussian blimp was set on fire, with the raging fires burning through AP and then taking away it's last HP and it's squadron partner forgot it was on the surface level and crashed into a cliff, instantly scrapping it.

It wasn't all one way for the KoB as all their small vessels were lost, 2 Lord Hoods were 2HP away from being sunk, a KoB commodore (Vengeance sub) was the subject of a double critical hit from a group of plucky gunships - with one critical hit causing a magazine explosion and costing 5HP as well as the 2HP from the first hit. Leaving it with 1HP.

Both Prussian commodores were virtually unbothered with one losing 2HP and the other KoB commodore suffered some awful dice rolls!

The KoB march on!









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Cheers for the bat rep...and its nice seeing KoB winning. Just one query/comment. Prussian blimp hitting a cliff. I wasn't aware any if the Prussian airships could occupy the surface level and therefore cliffs wouldn't be an issue? I've never used them so could be my ignorance but you may have got that one wrong. Please enlighten me if there's a reason!

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