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Fleet Building

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Hello All,


I have been experimenting with my EotBS line up (who mainly face off against the FSA) and have had not a great deal of success, apart from when I take an Ayakashi into the fray.


Last battle I had was 1500pts and I took the following into the last battle, against 1500 of FSA and 1500 of RoF (in a three way fight) scored only 400 points and lost the Raijin, 3 Tanuki's and Suzaku, plus one Uwatsu (came 3rd)


1 x Hachiman, plus tesla and shields

1 x Raijin 

2 x Tenkei

2 x Suzaku

3 x Tanuki

4 x Uwatsu

3 x Uwatsu 


I have managed to get hold of several Tsukyuomi's and Sokotsus plus some DFA-170's to add to my collection (I have pretty much all the naval and air units)


How would you change the above line up and why ? 

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I would drop the Raijin, it's too vunerable and can only use it's node when out of obscured.


Also I'd use the  special squadron that consists of 1 suzaku and 3 tetsubos. It's 20 rockets in RB3 for 210 ps plus it's an additional 3 fighters.


The Uwatsu is an awesome frigate, bit I've become very fond of the Zarigani, both for their survival and their ability to wreck large models.


Consider swapping the Tenkei with a forward airfield. I'm trying it out and it seems to Work very well. The loss in ordenance is negligible and the 3 extra TF's and 35 pts saved are worth it.


Also I'd use two units of Tanukis, it Works a lot better if your opponent have to worry about two squadrons instead of just shooting 2 Down and ignoring the last.

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Everybody is different with how they play the game. I prefer to use lots of medium squadrons, my daughter prefers to go "top heavy" and a couple of other people I know prefer lots of smalls.

Firstly, I prefer to leave the Hachiman out of my lists until they're 2000pts or more (frees up points for more mediums).

Never underestimate the dfa170 for firepower, or the Inari for versatility.

My daughter's current favourite squadron is the Moeru-Okami with CAP and an Ace upgrade. This squadron is a pain to drop out of the sky, and punishes most opponents who try to ignore it. By a nice little coincidence, swapping out the Hachiman for a Sokotsu frees up enough points to use this squad in your list.

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Thanks guys - some food for thought..


The special squadron of the Tetsubo and Suzaku seems good enough, but the Aerial +1, that applies to the Tetsubo rockets, would mean two separate dice pools in rolling - as if you rolled the Suzaku and Tetsubo together you wouldn't be able to tell which dice would qualify for the bonus ?


Forward landing field is a good idea, the Tenkei is pretty slow and doesn't get the chance to drop its payload - just got to find a model that fits nicely !


Completely agree with the Tanuki second squadron though, but with the Hachiman, my opponent always takes a dread - so I like to take something that can square up to it

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You don't need a dread to take a dread, you just need 18 Ap worth of angry samurais to board it and go nuts :)


Also consider the Kaiju, it's hard to take down, hit's quite hard and gives you a disruption node for those pesky shields.


The tetsubo loses hunter if they link as it's a coherency mar, but it's still worth it. Also you can fire 8/8/10 rockets at a target. they can only use AA against one of the volley's so the two others won't be shot down.



Btw does you'r FSA opponent use rockets or shields?

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That's true regarding the AP - just kind of struggle to get near his ships and board his major ships as he outfits them with Kinetics/Shields which proves to be a pain. One session he rolled a 6, for his dread, 5 turns out of 6 ! It was moving quicker than most of my flyers !


Was thinking two Kaiju's as opposed to one Hachiman (increased points cost) as it would mean two targets to focus on.


Good point about the 8/8/10 rockets, could probably drop the flyers down; loose off the rockets and attempt swift manoeuvres up  I guess.


I have found the Ika and the Yurei to be a waste - for a terror ship the Yurei lacks AP in my humblest opinion!


Mostly my opponents tend to use rockets - so I was thinking of putting two Tsukyuomis in the air, obscuring at 5, plus their AA is pretty good - so I would think most rocket barrages would cost 1HP at a time

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The ghost ship is a star in my opponent not as useful as more of a role as hate to my opponents. A lot of times my only medium will be that ship so if the get destroy all mediums they really have to work for it.also one of my main opponents loves his Georgetown so I park him broadside just to taunt

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Strike flotilla has the Raijin Class HQ War Gyro, use its generator to shut down others. Good turret AD and rockets.

Arashi Class Support Cruisers have excellent rockets yet must point forward to due so. Best to use as a flanking force.

Zarigani Class Small Robots which can be dropped by the Raijin (3) have close range flamethrower and 3 crew for boarding.

Trick is to get them close enough to work.

Support flotilla has the Kiyohime Class Assault Carrier which is avg. carrer. Ok fighting small and medium ships but can't handle big ships.

6 Kitsune Class Escorts which means three for the Kiyohime and three for the Raijin. Adding 12 AD rockets at range three to both of them.

Your force is ok but could use a Naval battle group to fill in the gaps. Good Luck !



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After months of experimenting I go for the following units (mixed up depending on points)

Dual Hachimans sticking close to each other or dual Kaiju to save on points 

At least two specialist squadrons of a Suzaku with 3 Tetsubo

At least two squadrons of Uwatsu

At least two squadrons of Tanuki

Carriers: swapped out the Tenkei for the Eclipses' Elysium and added escorts to it

At least one squadron of Eclipse company Phoenicians

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On 8/29/2016 at 0:39 AM, Hrafn said:

That was the 3 boxes I got naval battle group, Support and strike flotilla's. 

Thanks Lord Nobody for the help I look forward to using them

Opps your right. I miss it.

Naval battle group-  Kaiju Class Heavy Battleship is a winner with excellent turrets, rockets. The torpedoes may even sink something too.

It has the same generator as the Raijin Class. The Mizuchi Class Battle Cruiser along with the Honshu Class Cruisers with turrets make even the FSA gun line think twice.

Uwatsu Class Frigates also have high gun AD. 4 models have 21 AD at range one. They will even make a Dn take notice.

The Fujin Class Corvettes like most corvettes are your boarders that can board from 18" away with 10AP.

The only models you need to buy are the Suzaku with Tetsubos as noted by rickomack88 and the Tenkei Sky Fortress.

Almost forgot get Tanuki armored crusiers as they have excellent torpedoes and rockets that are 100 % until it gets sunk.

Which is hard to do.

Edited by Lord Nobody
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Not to despair you but do you know how many windows you need to paint? The Tenkei alone has over one hundred!

The Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro is one of my favorites also. if only it's turret AD could go up a bit.

Are the Ika's & Zarigani's base coat the same as your naval? Any Land forces besides the Ayakashi?

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The squids are just blue bases (with highlights) and the body of the squids are a rusty brass colour with heavy ink tone - just kept them simple

Painting windows is easy ! Don't bother with a brush, just use a pin - dip it into the paint and jab away at the model - perfectly sized droplets every time!

Land forces - I have a few bombard tanks and a walker, but my group don't bother with land model battles as they hate the majority of the model designs

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I always did like the dreadbots, just so long they are pt. costed correctly. Do you Grand-Stone and Rickomack88 use magnets so you can use both versions?

I was thinking of cutting it at the waist, and using magnets so I could use the water and land bases. But I don't think the halberd will fit in the water version.

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I found magnets to be a bitt tricky. To small and hard to glue. Tacit actually works brilliant. :)  (the things you use to put poster to walls)


I haven't tried the rockets version to battle, but the other one is fun. That varriant I don't find overpowered, cuz it cannot do much from a distance. But once it gets close, BAM!

I can however see the exploitiness of it if the single dreadbot is more than 50% of the point cost.



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I haven't had anything that needs magnetizing yet in DW but I have done it before.  What I found works best is to get a drill bit the same diameter as your magnet then grind the tip off flat.  What we are working with is soft enough it will still drill through it, but without a tip it will leave a nice flat bottom.  When that is done the magnet will almost hold themselves in place.  Then I stick the magnet on a knife blade, stick a bit of super glue in the hole, and stick it together.  You can slide the knife off after a second while it dries.


I like the color scheme too.  Although I would probably do something to tie the air and naval schemes together.  Maybe having the white stripe on the air be the same color as the navy (it doesn't appear to be at least, though I know some of that is relative), and using the red nose and black stacks from the navy on the airships as well.

With the white/navy are you going to ink the lines/sections in a dark and highly contrasting color to make them really stand out or are you going to blend it in more?


I actually really like the windows on the model, it is a very nice place to stick a bright and contrasting color on the models that really stands out.

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