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First army: chinese or ottoman?

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Hi guys!

I'm going to buy my first dystopian wars army and I really don't know which one I should take.

I like very much the chinese and the ottoman...

Any advice?

Which one is the "strongest"/easiest to play?

What's their playing style?

I noticed that the ottoman army has fewer models. is it supposed to get new ones?


PS: sorry for my bad english :unsure:



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I can only offer my opinions based on previously facing the chinese and the Ottomans. I own neither fleet.

I would say the Chinese are more forgiving of mistakes, they have a lot of firepower and lots of crew to board with (or defend with) as well as lots of options to put on the table.

The Ottomans are a bit more brittle, relying more on clever tricks and positioning than brute force, but if you outplay the opponent there will be little they can do about it.

Easiest to play? Chinese.

Strongest? This one is a bit more open to opinion, but probably still the Chinese... just not by all that much.

Ottomans are in line for some more models in the future... but we have no idea if that is this year or next or even further future.

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Russians are struggling a bit at the moment, but being a core nation are regularly updated and have a metric **** ton of options, not a bad choice.

They and the chinese are similar in that they have an emphasis on durability. The chinese utilize it very differently than the ruskies.

One advantage to the chinese is with 2 boxes you can have more or less everything you need, while the russians may leave you hunting around for the right cruiser squadron etc for you.

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