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New ORBAT evaluations based on games ...

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Yeah, I think I erred in setting my drop points for the primary. However, I had the secondary on turn one with my light walkers, so I was thinking more aggressively. I would have held the secondary longer if I had occupied it, for certain.


My opponent and I were doing strict tourney rules, since we were both assessing the orbats. We didn't want any local meta/setup styles skewing results, so we went Strictly By The Book. :)


I was okay with the table edge I got; I wanted to station the leviathan out there in a terrain free fire zone. The idea worked, but in retrospect I am thinking I gambled the farm bit dearly there.


Interestingly, every roll I used logistics points for I lost. Must have been dice karma. :) 

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You do know you use Logistics Points after the roll, right?


I do now, and it's even more depressing -- I rolled so badly at that point I couldn't have bought my way up out of it. Dice karma, indeed!

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Had another game against the same opponent as last time. He was not shy at all about putting fire into my leviathan, and it made a significant difference.


We generated terrain strictly by the rules in the book again, and again ended up with two contiguous empty table segments.


This time, we rolled pretty much around average with very few spectacular runs. Dice didn't tip anything up, just a few times they went flat and large volumes of fire scratched paint.


We went Relthoza against Directorate at 6000 points.


I found myself outranged at every turn. He was able to pick off my ground units at leisure, and the only responding fire I could manage was from my air units and my firepower leviathan. Only his fire was effective on turn 1.


Turn 2 found me at last able to fire on him, as he moved up cautiously and I moved up rather desperately. He smoked my Firepower Leviathan in one turn, as well as destroying my assault helix, save for one little walker.  I'm sure the assault helix is nice in concept, but in practice all it did was surrender points and 'protect' cheaper TV squadrons from fire.


I returned the favor and dropped his leviathan on turn 2 as well. It took a similar amount of firepower on each of our parts. While a significant investment of our force munitions, it wasn't total -- he was rapidly annihilating all of my scoring units, wiping them off the table. I, in turn, was chipping away at his medium squadrons and his own assault helix. The pathetic range of the heavy support walker prevented me from having it assist other squadrons in eliminating his more effectively. 


I did manage to seriously reduce the effectiveness of several of his squadrons, but his attack on my scorers and leviathan reduced, by position, my ability to guard his primary. Our score was close at the end of turn 2, but he had scorers in position on his primary, and had wiped my units guarding it clean off the board. The only units I could rapidly respond with were my interceptor helix -- which would have left his ground attack to rampage unthreatened. My ground attack flier was attempting to eliminate his objective guards, and was 2 turns away minimum. 


The heavy support and assault helixes were fabulous wastes of points. They look nice, but only one squadron out of the whole bunch was even worth mention. They are going to be relegated to objective camping in the future -- they don't have the range to be effective in the opening game, and don't have the endurance to survive closing the approach. This is assuming there is cover around the objective to hide behind, of course.


Thus far, not impressed. The GW-esque switcheroo of army playstyle aside, going strictly by the rules in the book this army has to fight the board every step of the way before opponents even get involved. 

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