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Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

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RCS Nichevo


The Battleship RCS Nichevo and accompanying escorts.


Apologies for the washed out colour... got to work on my photography skills... ;)


EDIT: Edited to replace image with better (working) one.

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I really like the "overhead map view" of your tiny flyers Bejebas, and the way they fit together.


This whole painting thread has a great variety of colour schemes. Well done chaps !



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First Post on the site, so here goes.


The Great White Russian Fleet!


pics to follow, when i work out how to do it!


I currently have:

1 Dread

2 Battleship

6 Suvarov

3 Tambov

1 Kostroma

9 Destroyers

16 Frisbees of death

8 AA frisbees of death

1 Air battleship

6 medium sky ship

3 small skyship

8 Bombers

60 tiny flyers

1 Polish air carrier, with its own polish air wing

and A repair ship on the way


I decided the Russian Fleet would be the 'white' Russian fleet, and took inspiration from period colours of 1850-1914, though I couldnt resist the Red ram area, especially as it was 'very' white when I first started painting them.


I will upload 4-5 pics soon.




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