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I like the disorder rules from Planetfall. They might sound a bit odd at first, but once you play a few games you'll notice it really speeds up the game. I've really like the current Planetfall ruleset. There are a few things that might need change (placed shots for example) but overall its a really nice ruleset.

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i quite like the disorder rules as well. makes it more satisfying when you knacker the enemy command elements and force disorder checks everywhere! I haven't played Planetfall in a while as my gaming club is on a Dystopian Wars rampage right now, but I have managed to get in 2 games recently. 

the Heavy transport skiff is a totally different beast now with the changes to the DR and reduction of the shielding. 

Still a great game!

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Hi guys !


Didn't see it discussed but I might have missed it : 

The Ja'Gor are described as "light" walkers in the list of what is available per helix at the begining of the Orbat. But they are stated as "Armoured" in their stat card

So wat are they ? :)

Important for LoS, and the 'Saturation fire' rule. I would say they look like armoured by their size.

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