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V3.2 to V6.0




  • Damocles MKII are now optional for Nyx

  • Erinyes are now optional for Interceptor Aerial Helix

  • Assault Helix Added





  • Points up to 760 from 740

  • CQB up to 15/8 from 8/6

  • Mangonel Rail Guns LR AD up to 10 from 8

  • Estock Launcher AD down to EF9/LR6 from EF12/LR8 (but gained an additional Estock Launcher)

  • Nexus Designator EF AD up to 30 from 24.

  • Gained Additional Rule: 'Alpha-Strike Asset'

  • Sky Drop capable from 50 points to 40 points





  • DR up to 12+12+11 from 11+11+10

  • Nexus AD down to 5 from 6

  • Nexus Range up from 24” to 30”





  • CQB up to 5 from 4


  • CQB up to 4 from 3


  • Nexus AD down to 4 from 5


  • Gained Additional Rule “Alpha-Strike Asset


  • Mv 6”/8” from 4”/8”.

  • Grand Company TV down to 5 from 6


  • DR up to 6+6 from 6+5

  • TV down to 0 from 1






  • CQB up to 5 from 3

  • Mangonel LR AD up to 10 from 8

  • Gains Additional Rule 'Expert Targetting'





  • AD on both Weapons up to EF9 / LR6 from EF8 / LR5

  • Points down to 70 from 75





  • Nexus AD down to 4 from 6

  • Nexus Range up to 30” from 24”

  • Mv 14”/28” from 14”/22”

  • Points down to 220 from 250

  • Heavy Estock LR AD up to 12 from 10

  • Gained the Sectored Armour MAR


  • Gained the Sectored Armour MAR





  • Heavy Vulcan EF AD up to 6 from 5

  • TV down to 5 from 7





  • Gained Additional Rule “Reflective Inner Plating

  • CQB up to 8/16 from 7/14

  • Points down to 290 from 320


  • DR up to 10+10+9 from 9+8+7

  • CQB up to 15 from 10


  • Points down to 45 from 50

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Not a huge amount of changes for the Dindrenzi whom were in a rather good spot anyway. However some of the less popular choices have been given a small boost to help make it a more difficult choice when building a force now. The Heavy Support tank has gained a very nifty new rule which will be very deadly in the right hands. The Damocles MKI Recon guns have also been given a much needed buff with better AR in all ranges. The Leviathan has been made more of a immediate threat on the table with better LR AD but also a fairly hefty price increase and TV increase when deployed via Sky Drop. It's a much tougher decision now whether to deploy on table or off.


As with all Interceptors the Dindrenzi ones have been given a small boost with a points decrease and AD increase. This should see them be a much more difficult choice for you.


The RSN got a boost to all units to make them a lot more survivable for their points cost so these will no doubt see the light of day once more!


So get plenty of games in guys and see what you think!

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A lot of little boosts for the Dindrenzi, pretty cool. I love the new rule for the Ares. I still don't think it worth its points but this rule add personality to it.


@gr1mdan: you are not mentionning the main change in these new Dindrenzi ORBATs: Sky Drop is nerfed again, through a global drop in nexus designators AD. This hurts us a lot, especially considering that our initial Sky Drop marker value already went up from 4 to 5.

As it is, we'll have to use two designators shots to "zero" a marker and land safely. I also find the Circe really overpriced now: 120 points for just 2 sky drop markers and one of the worst nexus designator in the game... quite bad. We'll have to plan our drops even more carefully now! :)

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All Sky Drop forces got a small nerf.


Sky Drop is one of the most powerful assets in the game allowing most users to place a nearly pin point attack on anything they want if planned out correctly with little come back. This is simply to make people plan more and be slightly more careful instead of doing it at will, which would never happen. They are simply not pinpoint nuclear bombs any longer that can be used to instantly negate key targets.


Plan the area - are you going after Primaries or Secondary objectives. If so - deploy wisely with the objective to make sure you have plenty of "fail" room.


Prep the area - try and make sure they are the LAST activations where possible OR force your opposition to activate units in that area i.e use bait/scary units that can take some punishment. Then start doing some damage to units in that location. Less comeback on your units then.


Push for the area - Sky drop in and go for the objective or the key units - preferably an activated unit that is damaged etc.


They are still terribly effective :)

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So a odd question as to how you figure the leviathen got a hefty pt and TV increase for skydroping? A table Levi is 20pts more and a skydrop one is only 10pts more than last orbats also 1 TV on an armored beast that can alpha 24AD and 18 AD at 10". Heaven save anyone it lands within 4" of.

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  • Mv 6”/8” from 4”/8”.

Really? The reduction in speed is what fixed these guys in the first place, now you literally put games with Dindrenzi over your knee and snapped them in half again.

That and a lot of other nerfs as well from I"ve heard. Anyway, the playtesters obviously put in a lot of effort to the orbat before releasing it, so please do play test it out first before saying it's a bad idea.

On another note, I love the changes on the Ares. It fits in nicely and seems to fix what it was lacking on first glance!

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2" really doesn't make the biggest of differences in all honesty. We found them to still be fairly balanced, especially given how harder it is to zero sites in too.


Especially since now most factions don't need APCs and can Overwatch before the turn starts.

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  • Mv 6”/8” from 4”/8”.


Really? The reduction in speed is what fixed these guys in the first place, now you literally put games with Dindrenzi over your knee and snapped them in half again. 




Nyx got a speed boost but Sky Drop has been nerfed again with a global drop in Nexus Designators AD. It is now quite hard to "zero" drop sites. One boost, one nerf, one could say that this is balanced...

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yeah, no... don't need to test this one out. the biggest problem with nyx wasn't how hard they were, it was that they could land pretty much anywhere and still kill anything within 10 inches of the drop pod

Yes, you really do need to test it, don't be so conceited.  The testers have spent literal months testing the ORBATs and working with Spartan to get everything together, and to armchair general it away so flippantly is first disrespectful and second short sighted.

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Well, there is validity to the point that designing ORBATS for 2.0 but still using them in 1.0 is not a great idea. I've been reading every faction's thread, and the whole "wait for 2.0" seems to come out a lot. Problem is, we don't have 2.0, we don't know when 2.0 is going to drop...but we still want to have fun, balanced games now. Not a great design decision, from my point of view.

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As one of the Beta testers, the current Orbats were built and designed for 1.0. 


The game is balanced using these Orbats, we just ran a tournament with all six races represented, and the only one that didnt win a game were the Dindrenzi, where the player using them basically admitted he got his list and tactics wrong in each game. 

There were some tough lists there as well. 

There were also a chunk of really really close games where we nearly had both players making planetfall. I will be getting the results posted on the warlog in the next few days! 


These Orbats make for challenging games for ALL the factions.

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