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Can anyone give me a run down on the penguins?

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I am super new to this game (haven't even bought in yet) but loving the look of the covenant of Antarctica. They also seem like a bit of a dirty tricks force which is fun. We are all going sea+air only

Can anyone give me a 'starters guide to the Antarctica's'

I am thinking, competitiveness, tricks and tips, strengths and weaknesses, good ships/bad ships, unique selling points etc.

I know it's probably vague and irritating, but any advice would be helpful :)

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The first and most important thing to remember is that We are right!

While the other factions are warmongering fools leading the world to destruction, we keep the flame of enlightenment bright.


In General out units tend to be fairly focused and your battle-group needs a solid plan to follow.

At least I tend to loose badly, if I try to pursuit several strategies at the same time.


We are very good in the medium section, but tend to have problems with enemy dreadnoughts or other very well armored units.


Please have a look at similar other threads:



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Welcome (hopefully) to the penguin side! Please pick up your complimentary lab coat from the automata by the door.

The first and most important thing you need to know about the CoA is that they are categorically the most stylish and fun fleet in the game. As soon as you put CoA models down on the table then you have won the moral victory, not just because we are the faction of enlightenment but because you have just won the style competition without having fired a shot.

Unfortunately, some barbaric opponents will still insist on shots being fired. So here are a few brief points for making sure they see the error in their hubris.


1. We are a faction of specialists. Almost all our units are amazingly good at a specific purpose but not flexible enough to cover multiple bases. There are one or two exceptions but for the most part you need to build you fleet carefully and have a plan for the battle. A lot of winning with this faction is making sure your opponent cannot disrupt that plan and then adapting it when they do.


2. We can do anything. You can build a fleet to dominate up close or at range, to overpower the skies or to turtle with the best. However, due to the afore mentioned specialisation of our units, if you build a fleet to dominate a particular part of the game then the opposition will spank you hard outside of that one part. It is a fine balancing act, but also means there is no predicting what a CoA fleet can or will do until the units are on the table.


3. A few of our most important weapons are suitably special:

Energy turrets dominate range band 4 but tend to be outmatched up close. RB4 is fleeting, so make the most of your overwhelming advantage whilst you can!

Particle accelerators obliterate whole squadrons of (hopefully enemy) small vessels (and it is obligatory to laugh like a true mad scientist whenever this happens!)

Our torpedoes are fast, our standard turrets are better against shields than others and our broadsides are above average.

Unfortunately, our main turrets and broadsides degrade with damage. Luckily...


4. We are surprisingly tough. Our armour and hp stats are average but almost every ship has a shield (except our smalls... and even then the Plutarch destroyer comes with one). These shields are backed up with inventive scientists which allows a reroll. This combines with our other defensive tech (dilation gens, time portals, wavelurking) to make us a hard fleet to get off the table... with a slight tendency to set ourselves on fire (FOR SCIENCE!)


5. Our large and massive vessels are very expensive (points wise) and often very easy to prize. Case in point; our battleship is easier to prize than several battlecruisers from other factions. Enemy corvette squadrons are a dire threat to our big boats. Luckily we have those particle accelerator things to severely punish any incautious corvette squadrons, but always be wary of letting the enemy get close unless you want them there. Fighter CAPs can help a lot, but killing the enemy ships before they can board is a better bet.


6. We are tricksy. Very very tricksy. We have a multitude of ways to screw up the plans of our enemy, often through generators like dilation, teleport and target painter gens. Our particle accelerators and energy blasts ignore all defences. Our mines are high payload (this means they are abso-bloody-lutely deadly!) and our drones respawn... some of the time. Use these tricks!



No unit in our naval medium section is a poor unit. They all range from good to amazing, with more amazing than good. In the air this is almost true, though the Icarus is a bit so-so.

The majority of our naval large/massive selection are carriers. All our carriers (except the Kepler, which is a medium) are average at best, mainly due to the high points cost and substantial strategic value on these units. E-turret Aristotles are very good, as is the Prometheus. Diophantus is alright and very tough, but not terribly powerful for its cost and strategic value.

All our naval smalls are good.


On competitiveness: I have taken the CoA to a number of tournaments and they always do very well.


On starting out: The naval battle box is the best place to start. Despite the fact it has a dreadnought in it. It has our battlecruiser for teleportation tricks, an Aristotle for long range e-turretry, a Diophantus for drone launching, and one of our rare multi-purpose units; the Cleomedes. It also contains a squad of Diogenes frigates for long range sniping and close range broadsides and a squad of Thales corvettes for boarding, close range blasting and generally being awesome.



We are fun, look good and kick 7 different sorts of scientifically classified ass!

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Thanks for the warm introduction. Like the resin addict I am, I went and bought a naval battle group, a battle flotilla and a bombardment flotilla. The ships are just so damn sexy. I have had a good read of your tips, am itching to get these guys to the table tops and show them the power of science :)

I love the idea of the particle cannon and it scares my opponents, the attack dice look like they used to be higher (diagram in rulebook gives ship high bands) but could still be excellent fun.

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Glad to have more reinforcements on the side of excitement, adventure and really wild explosions! You have got a good core there, all good choices.

We have a lot of special rules that affect us and the enemy, so expect the first few games to be a lot of looking things up and discussing. Any questions or problems then people on this forum will be thrilled to help out :)

What other forces will you be facing out there on the open ocean?

A few fun things you might like to try with that selection of models:

E-turret Aristotle + single Kepler is a very nice backfield fire support unit, one of our best sing shots. The Hyperbius flyer has a target painter that boosts energy shots...

Plutarchs are very powerful up close, especially when they are somewhere the enemy doesn't want them. Our battlecruiser has a teleport generator that can sling small vessels 24 inches...

Zenos are brilliant up close brawlers. Prometheus Dilation generator is a brilliant way to keep them safe until they get into face smashing range...

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At the moment, the only people who have bought in are a Prussian and a Russian, we have a player who will by Britannia in a couple of weeks, plus some people considering FSA and Denmark.

Am looking at the energy turrets and really like that they have the same dice at all ranges, even if they suffer compared to regular turrets at close range. The idea of blasting energy beams across the waves makes me smile :)

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On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 4:57 AM, khakiduck said:

Another, 'tricksy', aspect of those E turrets is that they're 'redoubtable' so it takes two damage to reduce AD by one.

Where does it say the European Turrets are redoubtable? I've looked through entire COA orbat

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In the main rule book, in the specialised (or specialist, I am not sure) weapons section.  it talks about energy weapons (and tesla, and volley guns etc) and states they are redoubtable, it also lays out the law for particle accelerators and energy blasts.

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On Tuesday, August 09, 2016 at 10:31 AM, Thamoz said:

In the main rule book, in the specialised (or specialist, I am not sure) weapons section.  it talks about energy weapons (and tesla, and volley guns etc) and states they are redoubtable, it also lays out the law for particle accelerators and energy blasts.

Thanks Thamos. I was not aware of this fact at all. Lesson learned

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