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Weird & wonderful sci fi worlds?

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A buddy and I are taking advantage of the current deals to get into planetfall. I'm going to get the directorate forces & he's having the aquans.

Part of the attraction to sci fi "terrestrial" gaming for me is the amazing variety of worlds to fight over - purple grasslands, grey desert wasteland and blue jungles have all appeared on my gaming tables in the past.

In fact, I usually decide on the terrain before I paint my armies.

I've seen some wonderfully painted models on this forum, but not a huge amount of the terrain that folks use them in.

Does everyone just go green grassland or has anyone using terrain that's a bit more exotic?

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Ruins always add a cool element to a battlefield

I'm leaning towards either a desert or winter themed table. (Extremes of the temperature scale, or what?) Thinking of having some sort of spaceport, too.

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