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I've only played a few games and I've never played Armada, but I've got to say the game is a lot of fun. The rules work well, even if a couple can give some rather odd results - boarding action rolls are an example of this, as in one game I got 10 successes and my opponent had 1 dice in defense and was hoping for a miss, since that would give a result of 10-0, which is more favourable for a defender than a result of 10-1.


Anyway, there is one area of the rules that I was wondering if there was going to be any changes made to - the victory points for units. As it stands, I can't see any reason (other than points constrictions) not to use maxed out units with maxed out upgrades. If anyone has any 'inside' info on the direction the VP system is headed (if it is going to evolve) or why you'd choose minimum sized units, please tell  :)

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