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Armoured Forces - what changes to expect?

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I guess it will include some new units for Core nations that need more versatility (RoF I'm looking at you!) and rule twists (KoB for example).

Alliance will probably be standardised with at least one full core. For example, Dominion of Canada has no armoured box. In the end, each Core nation should have acces to allied core for each type (aerial, land and naval). Currently Prussians, Russians, KoB, EotBS have access to all type of allied core. However, FSA has no really allied forces, RoF needs aerial and land allied force. CoA mostly rely on mercenary so I guess they only need land mercenary to be completed.

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As a guess, I would bet we'll see some sort of across the board buffs for armoured because right now they are very underpowered compared to navy and air.  Not a lot of cases where you mix navy and armoured, but air has to be balanced for both so they have to keep reasonably similar power levels.

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Hopefully new units/nations getting released.

Canuck Land (Canada)
Belgium (again? - or at least a new model - Kinda sad that they went kaput and got rolled into the RoF, they should at least have a box available for them)

All of these factions make sense sorta for them to get either a rule set with current models (T.O. and Aussies) or a new shiny box (LoIS/Canada/Ottomans)


Also I would expect to see either a massive upgrade to the units or a slight to massive decrease in point costs.

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