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Corinthian Club Chat!

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@Spartan Games Could someone please come and talk to us Corinthian Club folk?


There have been a number of cryptic hints about what's going on with new items for the scheme on Facebook and Kickstarter, but it would really help if a brief statement about the state of the scheme could be sent out to members. Even if it's all gone a bit pear-shaped please just tell us; we're probably all aware of the issues you guys have had recently and I would suspect most of us will happily carry on waiting for new shiny things if you just start talking to us.


P.S. Please can you clear up the issue about when the "quarters" actually change as its not clear at the moment (posting this info into the online store listing for the club membership would also be very sensible)?

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13 hours ago, Bessemer said:

Well over a year since I got membership, but my discount still applies...

Ditto for mine however, I refreshed the membership anyway as the discount is the reason I signed-up (amusingly, the discount overrun applied to the refresh of membership) and I want to be supporting Spartan rather than taking advantage of their distracted nature.  The freebies are a nice bonus.

I predominantly use the discount to support group orders for my local gaming club so I've recouped the membership cost many times over.

I applaud Spartan for being brave enough to have a scheme like this, especially as the discount stacks with their other "weekend only" sales, however, I think the scheme as a whole needs looking at to redress the expectations promised into something that's achievable amongst the overarching business commitments.


That said, I'm still really curious to find out what the Kickstarter exclusive for the scheme is, and really hoping it's something unique, rather than just an extra of the existing Sturginium Rig or Harbour Walls set.  If it's of the calibre of the Dawn of Souls piece, I'll be over the moon.  @Spartan Josh, any hints?

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@Spartan Mike Please give us some insight on the issue. its been a long time now and there is no update on the Corinthian Club in any way. The discount is a nice thing but i loved my first club item and if there is none for the new quarter i feel kind of sad.

edit: i contacted Spartan Games on the issue and i have been told that they are working on it and apologize for the delay

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Indeed, you have to receive an email each quarter detailing what you can get, not counting the last quarter since Spartan Games are still working on it. From what Spartan Mike said, we'll know soon enough what it will be and that it'll be pretty cool :)

If you didn't receive your gift please don't wait anymore and contact directly Spartan Games :   despatch@spartangames.co.uk

Hope that help.

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Oh that's right, almost forgot there was an "exclusive Corinthian club Kickstarter model". On Early stage of the KS they said it would be inspired from the Maunsell forts.

Hope it's still the case, it could be a pretty interesting piece of scenery.


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