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What if we had a battle and everyone came?

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Most wargames are balanced for two sides only. If you get more than two players there's a few things you can try

1) Have two opposing sides in the battle with each player controlling either a single force of their own allied with other players; or have a single force split between two players.

This maintains the balance, but might result in larger games because of more models on the table; esp if you've allied armies.

2) Have a free-for-all game; it will generally be fun and can be a very interesting game. What can happen though is that you end up with a couple of "mini" games on the board as people fight each other in smaller groups.

You can have objectives to try and force people to contest certain spots; you can also reduce the size of the board so that players start out much closer; it speeds things up and works well with small points ,but larger numbers of people (ergo armies).

If you have 3 people then a simple 3 sided game can work; objectives forcing players to move to certain locations and contest them. Objectives also tends to help avoid two players ganging up on another (either by intent or accident this will generally happen in odd-number games - more so with smaller numbers like 3)

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3 sided games never work IMO. It always ends 1 of 2 ways.

1 - 2 players demolish each other and the 3rd hangs back and cleans up whoever survives.


2 - 1 player splits his force to attack the other two and gets torn apart piecemeal, leaving them to duke it out after.

Best way I've found is to do a 2 on 1 and give the single player a combination of the points the other two have.

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