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Cuirassé d'escadre

Effective? No. Fun, Yes. Surprise your opponent

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4000 point infantry list:



1X Vidar

3x Heimdal

5x valkryie

2x Sinir

6X Hirdmen: Officer, 3x Gun team

6XHirdmen: Officer, 3x Sweeper



5X Freya

2x Sinir

4x Huscarl

6x Hirdmen: Officer, 3x Sweeper


Ground Command:

1x Slepnir

10x Hirdmen grand company: 1x officer, 3x gun team, 3x Sweeper



1x Tyr


Ground Attack:

1x Dellingr

2x Hermoor

4x Huscarl w/Nuclear


2 Logistics points


So the point is to try and take all the objectives and hold them with infantry. Or really just to stun your opponent with your flagrant disregard to effectiveness or winning as you swarm the table with hordes of infantry.

Send the recon infantry after the secondary objectives, followed by one of the core infantry and the ground command. The other core holds your tertiary objective while the ground attack makes a suicide run for the primary objective.

Soon as I finish painting everything up I'm going to try this.

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I don't play Planetfall (yet!) But I wholeheartedly concur. Completely non effective choices have a quality all of their own! After all, no commander ever has all the assets they would like!. A lot of people worry too much about what's effective. In fact being unconventional can be a surprise to your friendly opponent! ;-p

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I like it - I have a very similar Directorate 'Patriot spam' list that I break out occasionally. It worked OK (sort of), until my usual Terran opponent (Terrans) cottoned onto it and wheeled out the Hawker Aerial Helix. Turns out those Guardsmen are quite nasty...

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