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Red attack vs Blue attack

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I would like a bit of clarification on red and blue attacks, as I'm mixing it up with DW.


Rules as I interpret state that red and blue attacks are both exploding.

But they define what system is used to defend, which is also exploding.


In Dystopian Wars Red means exploding and Blue means Heavy. I understand that this colour-coding is not carried over to Taskforce.



Is this correct?

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Hi Mr.K


DW and DL uses the Red and Blue (and Black Mechanics) for Dice.

In Task Force we simply use Basic Heavy and Exploding.


The Basic Rolls (where a 6 counts as 1 hit with no re-rolls) are used outwith Damage Effects to give a standard D6 system.

The Heavy Rolls (where a 6 counts as 2 hits with no re-rolls) is used in cases where an Attack is being mitigated - like when attacking a Cloaked vessel)

The Exploding Rolls (where a 6 counts as 2 hits, and rerolls are permitted) is used in most other cases.


Red Weapons can only be defended against by Red Defences (Shields)

Blue Weapons can only be defended against by Blue Defences (Point Defence, Launched Interceptors)


In DW we merge the two but in Taskforce we differentiate them.

A Blue Weapon does not roll BLUE Dice, rather they roll Exploding Dice as normal.



Hope that helps?



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