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Discussion Thread for the new Relthoza Model Stats

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Well if you decide to battle shunt you have to use 2 dice, (shunt matrix uses 2 to the max stated in this case 2) you also can't shunt while at full stop so shunting from the ambush position will be clunky. Also you've still got the issue of FF with shunt matrix, which really limits the way it can be used.


The FF shunting of the Virulence can be used to reverse shunt keeping them 20-30" away so keeping stealth systems active, this use can't be used as well for the Venom as you really only have 20-24" to aim for, as the RB4 dropoff is significant. Though maintaining RB2 while focused on a target directly ahead will be a nice addition. I personally think the 2dice only shunt will limit this hardpoints usage though.

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The other hardpiont option sounds funny as well. Imagine that 2 squads destroyers mean 6 ambush markers. That will really give your opponent some trouble were to fly his ships. Let your cruisers eagerly place mines and the whole board will be poisoned for your opponent.

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