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The Mad Hatter

Did Sale End?

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I had 206 pounds worth of stuff in my shopping cart, as of yesterday it said Feb had 30% off Dystopian Wars.  I wanted to check a few things out before I placed my final order.


I went in today and it doesn't look like the 30% discount is applicable anymore?  Did I miss something?


Bad for me for waiting I guess!  I'm guessing I'll just have to wait for the next sale (I definitely have enough unpainted stuff to keep me busy until then).  



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I went in and looked at my filtered email (sometimes the Spartan newsletter gets filtered into another category).  I guess it was one week only, and I must have caught the tail end of the week and not known it.  I guess seeing the discount code of Feb 30%, I'd made an assumption that it was good through February (and you know what they say about that).  


Hopefully some of my fellow gamers got to take advantage of the sale!  

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So what are the future "special day" in the calendar that can bring us discount ?

It's quite often actually, even not necessarily concerning DW, SG seem to be jumping on every opportunity.


If I search in my mailbox :

- February - Valentine (just happened)


Last year

- March - 50% on books and DL army discount

- April - 10%models and 10£ on aerial boxes

- June - Core helix for 30£

- July - 20%KOB and 33%spartan scenics

- August - 40% Selected boxed sets

- September - 50% mega bundle discount

- October - Halloween 33% relthoza special ^^ (last year at least but maybe a one shot)

- November - Black friday 40% on many stuff


Well actually the 30% on all DW we just had was quite exceptionnal as it was on all the range and not only a selection.

A pretty good one. SG please do it again ! ^^

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On June 26, 2016 at 0:18 PM, Elric said:

The Brexit sale is everything 10% cheaper to those outside UK based in the drop in the value of Sterling  !!!

Don't think I didn't consider that. It even made me consider applying for a posting in the UK (well not Scotland, as that may not be the UK in the future).

My dollar would go further than my last time there.


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