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New to Planetfall, Looking to go Terran

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Hey all, I'm looking to start up Planetfall and Terrans seem to be right up my alley. 


I'm curious if the setup I have in mind for large games would be viable.


I'm looking to use:


1 Full core helix


2 recon helixes


1 Leviathan Helix


2 Assault Helixes (when they come out)


1 Heavy Helix


The main idea would be to use the core, Leviathan, and heavy helixes as battering rams. The recon helixes and lighter elements of the others would seize objectives and operate in tandem with the assault helixes to eliminate priority targets and clearing out contested objectives.


This seem like a good idea to you guys?

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Welcome to the game and welcome to the Terrans :)


OK advice time....if you want to play how you've outlined the battering ram part is fine...except the heavy helix, which are usually much more effective hanging back (so long as you have good firing lanes), although having the heavy helix and the leviathan helix will give you more tactical options and enable you to adjust your play style, so maybe stick with them.


However if you want maximum battering ram mode I would swap the heavy helix out for a another leviathan, as two leviathans on the table tend to put the fear on most opponents (more expensive to buy though) - this will also depend a lot on what sort of points level games you are intending playing.


Also thats presuming when you say a full core it is 2x Vidar 2x Heimdal squadrons (if not then do that first).


For me I would definitely swap out the recon helixes for two ground attack helixes, there is simply nothing in the Terran arsenal that is as effective as the ground attack helix at the moment, they are beasts, and they are perfect for the role you described for the recon helixes.


The assault helixes are a bit of an enigma at the moment as we dont know their stats, so I cant really comment on them. If I was you I would hang on a bit until we know what they are capable of...and besides, if you go for the other helixes, you will have plenty of model building/painting to keep you occupied until they are released.


Hope this helps

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The only reason I didn't choose 2 leviathans right away is because I'm worried about being too invested in just two models. Would having two leave me vulnerable?


As for the aerial units, I'm not really sure. Though I suppose it would allow for rapid response.


What about this setup:


1xFull Core Helix


2xLeviathan Helixes


2x Ground attack helixes


2x Assault Helixes


The Core and Leviathan Helixes operate as my battering ram, and the Assault Helixes and Ground Attack helixes operate as hunter killer and objective seizing elements.

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I love my Recon Helix but I have to admit, it is overshadowed by the pure power of the GA Helix (for the time being, I can't see it lasting and I hope it doesn't either - we don't need auto-takes) at the moment.


Recon has the benefit of Recon move which can be useful in blocking the enemy and you have activation advantage too which is useful as well as 3 T&H units instead of 1 T&H so you can get plenty of objective capturing going off.


Hopefully we'll see a shake up of the Recon Helix soon and get a few cool rules in it.

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It is quite balanced with the exception of the Relthoza (as a whole), but a major(ish) overhaul will come around March 20th.

The command helix is a Suport helix yes, and it preforms well IMO. A little bit squishier than what DR10+10+9 & SH6 defenses implies, but it's a really strong attacking and anti-air vehicle with the gun-turret option.

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