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Planetfall Painting Competition (unofficial)

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Yes painting - yes competition - yes totally major excuse to boost the amount of Planetfall stuff shown!

So yep time for a competition to get us painting and to get some models put together and painted up. This is for fresh painted models so you can't just enter ones you've already painted up.


1) 1 Helix per entry. Any Planetfall Helix counts for this competition.

2) A Helix for this competition is considered to be the full contents of the respective helix box as solid by Spartan. A core helix for this is counted as 1 core helix box

3) A person may enter more than once, but each entry must be a new helix

4) End date is 6th March (might extend if required by the majority).

5) Please post in this thread a complete shot of the new models before assembly or after undercoating only as proof of beginning.

6) Please post a completed photo of the models. You should show at least 1 photo of the whole completed helix and at least 1 (if not more) close up photos showing detail on at least one model or more.

7) Winners will be chosen by poll at the end of the submission period.

Looking forward to seeing all the entries and hope to see some fine painted Planetfall models:)

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Interesting... I might just have to scrap my carefully planned** painting plan to paint up something from scratch instead!

I'll definitely be entering, I'll just to find something unpainted in my pile...

**for very flexible definitions of "careful" and "planned"

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Zeph start and finish are all that is required; but the more you show the better. If you're going to take the trouble to show step by step consider adding some commentary of what you've done for others to follow your steps.

Knight - updated the rules for the competition.

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I know it's just supposed to be 1 box, but i started both so I'll carry on the batch.


Just a quick update from last nights painting session:



I have added some grey details and dry brushed metal on the tracks/weaponry.



- Undercoat

- Drybrush grey

- Add squad colours (Red vs Blue)

- Add definition 

- Metalics


To do next:

- Bases

- Darktone wash whole model

- Detail for canopies and shield generators

- Vehicle numbers

- (troops if time) 


So i'm about 1/3 or 1/2 way there. I aim to get the basses & wash done this weekend so I'll update again next week.

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Since it is now 6th of March, I will join!

I have an undercoated Aquan interceptor and Ground Attack Helix here, and some Directorate ground attack and command Helix

I will decide which one gets entered while painting, and make a wip Foto tonight.

The Aerials are lying around since release and this should give me the needed pressure to finish them. (at least 2 shoudl be possible until 6th of march.

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First week of progress:


Terquai Recon Wip2 Web

I've primed most of the units, and managed to get the basic colours on the Portals, as well as a wash.
My colour scheme will be fairly industrial, khaki, grey and metallic, with perhaps a few parts turquoise to get a spot colour, and tie into my Aquans. 
I've also spent some time drilling out the resin 'shadow' between the legs of the drones, using the example of vonHymack:



Terquai Recon Wip3 Web

Took a while, but I think it is worth it in the end...

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Progress update:


So Friday I sat with Scott Manley on in the background & did the basing, as well as shading the models with darktone:


Yesterday I prepared the shield generators and did a bit of detail work. I should finish them this Friday if not next.

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