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About Cyberwarfare DR success

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I have a doubt about the correct process of Cyberwarfare.

If I have a model/s with different DR values, Cyberwarfare must beat all of them like any other weapon, or just the first DR value once and again?

One Vidar Scuadron with an Ullr Mk2 attached in front of them receives 11 hits with Cyberwarfare... 2 rolls for beating the Ullr 6/5 DR, or just one?

And what if the Ullr is the only vehicle on LOS/Range? You can keep rolling 6 or 7 times in the table just by beating the Ullr DR multiple times?


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It is just the "current" DR your enemy is on. As per page 117 of the rulebook: 


"Should an attack roll enough hits to match or beat the nearest enemy’s current DR multiple times, then roll a number of times on the table equal to the number of times the DR was reached, and apply all results."


In your situation you would need 12AD to roll multiple times.


If you were to get 24AD on one Ullr in range, you would get cyber 4 rolls against it. however the effacts would still apply to the whole squad.

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