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Road to the nationals tournament

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Heya guys, so this easter I will be taking part in the student nationals tournament. Naturally I'm going to send in the best fleet the enigmatic covenant of Antartica, and to make things more interesting I thought I would post my progress from fleet design, testing and maybe a few quick battle reports depending on interest.


Anyway first things first they're using the ironclad event pack Rules link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2wKVPHHous4bC15YWFKYUVxYW8/view


Mostly standard fleet rules 1000pt dreadnoughts allowed (for now) with 2hrs allocated for each game. With most the scenarios being 'secure the thing'.


Right so I've been playing around with lists seeing what I can put in for 1000pts I have a very large collection of covenant forces. Have pretty much everything accept the new bombardment group, I know, I know no Keplers, it is very saddening.


Here's one of my first drafts what do people think? I know we're in a bit of a weird spot at the moment with our drones and carriers.


1x Aristotle with energy weapons (Commodore)

1x Pericles also with energy weapons


2x Sigma squadrons

1x Fresnel Gunship


3x Diogenes Frigates


1x Deadulus-Beta with energy weapons


Right I know this probably isn't the strongest list out there (it's a bit heavy on the larges) But I think it encapsulates what I'm wanting with my force. So the current idea is due to the short time, and how many of the scenarios are about moving up field and securing objectives my energy weapon ships will try to pick of/ cripple the enemy mediums the attempt to move forward while the two sigma squadrons and my SAW punch through the mid field to claim them myself hopefully blasting away the enemy smalls with those light particle accelerators. Also I want to make sure I have air support beyond just SAW's hence the Deadulus.

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Welcome to the penguin side Dark Assassin. Please pick up your complimentary lab coat and remember that good old mad scientist laugh whenever you fire a particle accelerator!

Ironclad makes for excellent tournament battles, I have been to a fair few and they have always been fun. Just over half of them favour boarding objectives, whilst others cause you to chase after debris, destroy particular elements of the enemy, position your forces to control areas etc. In any event I would assume that at least 2 of the scenarios are likely to reward choices designed to get in close to the enemy and pound them.

Luckily, we have the perfect unit for that. The Zeno. A full squadron of these will never let you down, they are fast and tough and full of elite crew! Fierce close range firepower and neat little particle accelerators furnish this rather impressive squadron with rather frightening teeth. Sigma squadrons are alright (I am not entirely sure of them personally but others here like them) but I think you would do better with a full Zeno squadron rather than the 2 cheaper Sigmas.

There are a few elements of your force that look a bit... useless. 3x Diogenes are not that strong, the Pericles is horrifically expensive and easy to kill (with a massive strategic value! This will hurt you in the case of any scenario draws) and the Daedalus is... Well, it might do ok as a last turn boarding unit and it isn't really a threat so opponents might just ignore it, but I can't see it adding much to your list. Air support is good, but useful air support is better.

I would think about other options.

5 Thales are a very useful (and quite powerful) small choice, I would try to include a full squad of these.

For the cost of a Pericles and a Daedalus, you could have the Prometheus with a Dilation generator. This is quite all-eggs-in-one-basket and, as a dread in 1k points, will severely impact your activation count and present a massive and valuable target to the enemy. That said, in the missions that require you to defend an objective or escort some little ships (or have pairs of unit size classes) then this ship with the dilation gen is a very very solid choice... if you do take it though, cap it and support it!

If you are dead set on additional aerial power, an Epicurus would be a more useful fit that a Daedalus or Pericles.

Plato light cruisers are very nice little ships, they have 3 elite crew on each (on a platform that cannot be prized) which is a good supplement to Zenos and Thales. They also link for a very strong punch, whilst being very efficient at hunting smalls and chasing after objectives.

Cleomedes are also worth a look, especially if you can't fit in a full squadron of Zenos (which, in 1k points, is a fair chunk of the fleet). Flexible, a fair number of crew, and relatively survivable.

Ptolemy mine layers can also be very useful in certain Ironclad scenarios. Mining key passageways/target areas, ack-acking objectives etc. The usefulness of this choice may depend more on the table layout and specific scenario than the others, but nothing says Stop-in-the-name-of-Science! like a 14 dice high payload mine.


Good luck with it all! I would be very interested in hearing how your testing and battles go. No pressure, but you know you can't let those savage, tech-stealing barbarians win! :P

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Cheers for the tips, as I thought a lot of edits but that's fine. I've always struggled with using corvettes effectively, I tend to play so reserved that they quickly become the only target (something I'm sure a swarm of Zeno's will change).


Anyway looking at my collection I only have 3 Zeno's. (5 fresnels though for some reason) which is a shame as I want to test both the full squadron of the zeno as well as some sigma squadrons to see how they both perform. So I will probably test both lists and report back on my findings, you know, for science!!!


A couple of things about the Prometheus firstly nice idea with the dilation gen, but i did also notice the target painter on it has no weapon listed so does it give every weapon (bar indiscriminate of course) a +1!? If so that's awesome! And I assume the primary weapons are a go to choice especially given she can cover her own advance if needs be.


Also here's an idea, a Callimachus-Beta, speed boost my dread straight into combat potentially allowing it to move 10" and that energy weapon which I've had great success turning small's to paste and a good chance of making mediums fear the covenant. :)


On the note of carriers, have you ever not taken a carrier? I feel like it's almost a death wish but bar the kepler's our carriers are a bit wonkey at the moment.


One last thing, plutarchs, yay or nay? I'm really not sure on these guys, they're expensive but 3hp 1shield (no inventive scientists though :( ) on a small! It's stuff like these guys that makes me love covenant so much!

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On Plutarchs:

They take a surprising amount to kill off as smalls w DR4 and 3HP

At RB1 u can chuck out 20 AD with 3. 17 at RB2, that's nothing to be sniffed at.

Also with 2s across AP, AA, CC and Shield(1) you can fend off lacklustre rocket/torp/boarding attacks.

They are expensive, but well worth the points.

Quite good at packing a BIG punch, then surviving the storm to tie folk up n be really annoying.

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