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EotBS Vrs FSA 2016-02-10

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Battle Report

Run Away Death Bot



AzraelsPortal - EotBS

3x Zarigani (60)

10x Fujin (200)

8x Uwatsu (240)

3x Honshu – 2 Turrets, 1 Disruptor (220)

1x Ika




Durnekell2k - FSA

Death Bot



Curtis, He who reads the Table Of Woe.



3’x6’ sized board with no terrain. Deploy Death Bot 3’ from far edge. Deploy AzraelsPortal 2’ from Death bot towards near edge.

Mission: Run away Death bot! Death bot needs to make it to the far edge of table.

Notes: Originally conceived with Durnekell2k’s Liberty and Enterprise Vrs. everything but the Ika. However, Durnekell2k had just finished painting his newest little toy and wanted to test it out. So I added the Ika. I knew I had no chance, but it was a fun game and the more we play, the better at the rules we get.



20160210 1

Turn 1
AzraelsPortal: I’m not sure I’m happy about winning initiative. Move squad of Fujin forward.
Durnekell2k: Oh look, it’s in RB3 now…BOOM!!
AzraelsPortal: Moves Ika, This thing is never gonna make it into range.

20160210 2


Turn 2

AzraelsPortal: Oh ya! I have disruption node that remove his shield. Let’s use that…

Durnekell2k: I attack the Honshu,

Hits left most one for a crit. Roll on Table of Woe….2 Big Badda Boom! Roll for right Honshu, Crit hit. Roll on Table of Woe…2 Big Badda Boom! All that’s left when the dust settles is a single damaged Zarigani and the disruption Honshu with 2 hits.

20160210 3

Turn 3

Durnekell2k misses everything!


20160210 4

Turn 4
Durnekell2k pretty much leaves everything without enough ships to provide adequate damage to hit it.
Azraelsportal manages a crit hit against it.

20160210 5

Turn 5
Durnekell2k cleans up the rest of the squads.


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