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EotBS Vrs FSA 2016-01-30

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EotBS vs. FSA


3’x6’ sized board with random terrain. Deploy all units at opposite short table edges within 6”.

Mission: Annihilation

No TAC Cards



-Hachiman c/w Shield Generator (305) Commodore

-Kaiju c/w Shield Generator (235)

-Yurei (160)

-Mizuchi c/w Shield Generator (120)

-Uwatsu x 4 (120)

-Zarigani x3 (60)

-LAS – 1 recon & 9 Fighters (0)




-Not sure the rest of his list.



End Turn 1


-Everything moves forward.

-Uwatsu take a hit.

-Zarigani lose a unit and are forced to surface.


Everything moves forward.

20160130 1

Preliminary opening, both sides take pot shots at each other from long range. A lucky hit against the Zarigani destroy one and force the rest to the surface.




End Turn 2


-Everything moves forward, Mizuchi turns to present both Main Turrets

-Uwatsu annihilated but for one lonely unit.

-Zarigani annihilated.

-Yurei takes a hit.

-Mizuchi takes a hit.

-SAS Recon destroyed, 7 fighters taken out.



-3 North taken out

-2 South taken out

-Bombers have 6 destroyed, 3 fighters taken out

20160130 2

EothBS try to clean up some of the smaller units while FSA succeeds in that and start on the larger ones. EotBS Fighters target the bombers while the FSA fighters try to take them out first.



End Turn 3


-Mizuchi take almost 180 turn, get pounded on by everything and finally destroyed and left to float.

-Yurei takes a heavy pounding

-Uwatsu mopped up

-Last of fighter shot down



-Liberty takes a crit hit that adds 3 Raging Fire

-1 small ship destroyed

-bombers shot down, fighters resupplied as bombers


20160130 3

EothBS gets lucky with a couple of good crits aginst the Liberty adding a 3 fire marker and reducing the AP by 1. FSA returns the gifts of cit hits against the Yurei and Mizuchi which scrap the Mizuchi. Every shot at the (Geortowns?) that the Mizuchi and Kaiju take simply pins off their amour. End of the turn the Mizuchi drifts into the island.




End Turn 4


-Mizuchi floats into island

-Kaiju takes a hit

-Yurie destroyed and left to float



-Fighter resupplied as bombers, Bombers resupplied

-2 med ships take some hits

-Liberty takes a pounding

20160130 4

Kaiju gets a couple good hits in and avoids a lot of return damage with some decent shield rolls and phenomenal AA rolls against rockets. Yurei takes a couple crit hits, and it’s out of play in the worst place it could end up for the Hachiman.  The liberty takes a crit hit to add even more fire markers. With the EothBS SAS gone, the FSA SAS redeploy as dive bombers. The Yurei drifts and almost collides with the Hachiman.



End Turn 5


-Yurei drifts and almost collides with Hachiman

-Liberty Rams Hachiman

-Kaiju takes a little more damage and a crit hit



-N most Ship takes a crit hit.

-Bombers annihilated on Kaiju run

20160130 5

FSA wins initiative and decides to ram the Hachiman. The Kaiju takes more of a beating but successfully annihilates a tray of dive bombers while getting a crit hit on the (Georgtown?) and leaves it to burn while turning its attention North to the other ship. The Yurei will proceed to drift NE about 6 inches.





End Turn 6


I only let it go this far because I was hoping the fire would do enough damage to the Liberty to AP it out.

I lost the initiative but the Kaiju survived the assault.

The Liberty was not AP’ed out and I conceded.






The Kaiju takes a pot shot at the Liberty hoping to sink it. No such luck and EothBS concede defeat. All Hail America!





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