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2 x 1500pts battles with Ayakashi dread bot

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I playtested Ayakashi vs Kob and RC, 1500 pts each battle. 


Crushing victory vs KoB, Minor defeat vs RC.


I played only models I have, so Ayakashi with Naginata, Kaiju, 3 Arashi, 3 Honshu, 2x5 Fujins and 5 Uwatsu and 5 Zariganis

Kob played 4 skyfortresses (one of them carrier, forgot the name), 2 Rulers, 2 Hoods, 3 Tribals, two squads of some fregates.


KoB Battle quick report:

I put everything into a circle around Ayakashi to get most use of its shield generator, roughly in the center of the battlefield. My right wing is covered by an island, that blocks out both Rulers for most of the game -the opponent was too afraid of Ayakashi and deliberately hid his units far away.


In general, KoB fliers remained in cover the whole time, blasting my smalls and scoring some hits on Kaiju. Rulers managed to hit Kaiju as well and finish of Fujins that dared out of cover.


Hidden from the Rulers, Ayakashi and Arashis killed one Hood in single round. I played Honshus real bad, and they did pretty much nothing the whole game, no real targets to fire at or board. Ayashi runs 12 inches forward thanks to a Card.


In second round, Tribals advance within charge distance of my Ayakashi (later I learned it was a suicide attempt to kill my medium hiding behind the Ayakashi, which is a HUGE los-block). Ayakashi charges, kills two Tribals as it should). 


Turn three I finish the last Tribal and kill the other Hood, completing my mission. Besides 6 or seven smalls I suffer no loses. 


Ayakashi was good, but not imba, if my opponent had not offered me those Tribals and cancelled my Card to boost Ayakashis movement, it would not have done much. Its main bonus was the Guardian Shield generator and the fact my whole army could hide behind him and an island covering its flank.





Battle against Russian Coalition


EoBS: Ayakashi with rockets, Kaiju, 3 arashi, 3 Tanuki, RAijin command gyro, 2x5 Fujins  

RC: Carrier with bombards, 3 bombard cruisers, 3 Gunships, 3 repair vessels, 2x5 smalls, 4 smalls with the piercing guns


I am quite unlucky with my dice, so even though the RC has pretty much no shields, I am not able to score much. In first round, I kill one bombard cruiser and damage one Gunship, but it gets repaired quickly. Ayashi runs forward.


Russians advance, scoring lucky critical hits on Raijin and Arashi, disabling their rockets both time.


Ayakashi runs forward, score two crits on Gunship with rockets, but everything is again repaired by the repair ships. Raijin suffer more crits, Tanukis suffer crits from area bombardment of the last two bombard cruisers, some smalls die on both sides.


Turn three.

Russian carrier tries activates first and lunches forward to my Tanukis, killing one and boarding another one. Both sides are wiped out. Ayakashi assaults a Gunship and kills it. I could have attacked the carrier, but it was activated and I trust my last Tanuki to counter-board it. But 3 AA manages to kill my six marines, kind a fail. Most of my fleet is blasted to pieces, Russians as well, but still not 70%.


Turn four.

Finally I win initiative and Ayakashi boards the RC carrier, shooting everything it has and boarding it. It kills it, but it was close. RC kills the rest of my fleet, I kill the last medium ship RC has and game over, minor victory for RC since they killed more points.




Summary -


Naginata Ayakashi is a little weak, unless opponent makes a mistake and comes to your charging distance. Very tough, but mostly used to give shields to rest of the fleet. Rocket Ayakashi is much better, still very good in boarding. Definetely not imba. 


I was terribly over-activated in both battles and had I not had a KoB opponent, who had not played for some time, I would have been defeated as well.



oh, and both battles were reported in http://ohmcz.eu/dw/reportc.php    :)

(please forgive some advertisment of my precious little website)

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