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Relthoza Interceptor Helix!

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Assembled Interceptor Helix!

Have to say the models in this really impressed me, a few bubbles in very minor spots and that was about it! Very easy to assemble. I'll have a 360 view up tomorrow I hope. In addition I made the assembly tips this time a little shorter under the expectation that those after a more detailed basic walk-through of how to assemble would read the Vaxiss post - so if you're new to model working do read the Vaxiss post for a bit more detail on the various methods used.

Photography side was much harder this time as I wound up doing this in the kitchen, which meant people got rather in the way all the time; still managed to survive people, cooking and a husky trying to get the cat!

I've also worked on something else at the same time so tomorrow isn't just a 360 on the interceptor Helix but another Helix as well!

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So rotations were harder this time and I've not got the Interceptor itself done, sadly I really need a turntable (rather than relying on the natural pivot on the flight peg).

That said you can have a look at a Halamasc and a side shot of the interceptor!



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