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Some basic (noob) questions

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we've always played it as if something is in B2B, they have to use the lousy leviathan stat. So if the big thing is being attacked, it's easy to make so he can only kill one thing while the rest of the squad get s away scot free


I think rules about this are uncompleted because if you do the same to a Heavy Tank he can defense himself against all squad. But one Leviathan elevated height cant defense himself and be cheated with a poorly recon squad and be punished in that way many times in that turn (starting when the levi has an activated marker) till destroy it without any cost,  for me have no sense, I prefer main CQB versión who people talked here, but I really think they can use both values.


I hope and I wish a kind of official clarification about this point, because is all very weird as is redacted now, furthermore we have some creator's words forget in the pass saying other thing different to rulebook RAW, so maybe and official explanation about this thing will be worthy :D

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