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State of the Covenant 2016

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For the most part, the CoA are pretty good, but the drone nerfs really screwed our ability to reliably deal with large threats. Zenos and Thales are the way forward on that front- which is concerning, because the Covenant's first response should not be boarding, but it's the best option we have.

Keplers are the only carrier worth using, all the others have been massively overcosted to the point of uselessness.

Daedalus is still not worth it.

So essentially, max out medium models, include a Kepler/Aristotle squadron for large points and fire support.


On land, the Archimedes effectively got Scuttle back, with the change to 360 movement for most land models.


I'll organise a more detailed statement on the matter in the short term.

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Most recent update was 25th of January, but nothing actually changed. The previous update in November corrected a typo on the stupid giant dreadbot profile.
The last update that actually changed anything was the September drone nerf update, which also introduced specialist group squadrons.

The drone changes made the CoA's weakness to tough larges go from manageable to glaring. It's made the new Kepler/Aristotle squadron an almost auto-include due to its sheer power at RB4 allowing it to actually hurt nearly anything without having to get our squishy Primary Turrets into range. The Drone Feedback rolls are unreliable at best and have, in every game I've played since their introduction, been a source of frustration for either me or my opponent- either I pass most and drown my opponent in drones, or I fail almost all of them in the first wave and end up lucky to launch more than a single squadron- which is ridiculous when our carriers are so expensive.

Specialist Group Squadrons
Fairly interesting new options. Most of them function as subtly different versions of existing squadrons.
Theta- There's been a lot of discussion of this one as to it's worth, but I like it. It's a trade off from the normal 2x Fresnel squadron, trading 10pts and some shield for flat HP and some broadsides.
Sigma- I've fallen in love with this one. 150pts for an 18AD RB1 shot, with mines and a PA to boot. Good for sneaking in and blatting something.
Omega- Not one I like much. Ludicrously expensive, and doesn't support the strengths of either component model.
Kappa- Fairly standard Bombards + Spotter squadron. Ours includes an infantry teleporter, which is pretty sweet.
Epsilon- Almost makes Atticus Walkers worth using. Not quite, though- in actual list building, I found including standard Xenophon squadrons easier and more useful.
Omicron- Released in the same update that made it useless. Capeks no longer have RB4 E-turret, and the Epicurus is too expensive. Nowhere near as useful as the Dreadnought price point would suggest. Pass.
Rho- One I do like. Pretty much 2.5 Ptolemys, trading toughness for a slight discount on getting more 360 move minelayers onto the board.

Naval Units
Prometheus- Either you take a Kepler-Aristotle or this. Carriers suck at the moment, and these are one of the few sources of significant AD we have.
Diophantus- It's a brick. Not very useful at much else, but with DN toughness and wavelurker, it's pretty much guaranteed to be on the board at the end of the game. Just don't expect it to have done that much else for the points.
Aristotle- E-turrets upgraded and Kepler attachment added. Primary gunnery version is still not worth using.
Pericles- Expensive and squishy. Model is still ugly.

Hipassus- Same as it ever was.
Fresnel- I don't use these much anymore as I use the Kepler/Aristotle for fire support, and competition for medium points is tight.
Zeno- Same old reliable assault cruiser.
Cleomedes- Fallen in love with these as Primary Gunnery wave lurker ambush models.
Kepler- Literally the only carrier worth taking.
Plato- Still good.

Plutarch- This has had the most changes amongst small units. 45 points, 3HP and a Shield. I really like them.
Diogenes- I'm convinced that these are excellent, I just haven't got the hang of using them right.
Thales- Standard corvette. Good, but that's because most corvettes are.
Galen- Only 20 points now. Mainly I use them as part of the Sigma specialist squadron.

Aerial Units
Euclid- Nerfed into total uslessness. 300 points for carrier 6 and not nearly enough guns. Upgrades are stupid expensive too. Mine remains half painted.
Epicurus- Previously my favourite model ever, it's overcosted after the drone nerfs. Still, I'd rate it our number 2 carrier after the Kepler, since all the others are awful, instead of just poor. No launch Turret at all any more, either.
Daedalus- Still kinda pointless. An incredibly meh hybrid of the Epicurus and Ptolemy.

Hyperbius- Godly. One of the few units capable of making good use of a Target Painter.
Icarus- I don't use these at all these days. Essentially a flying Cleomedes. Possibly useful on Land, where the Cleo can't go.
Capek- Too expensive now. Used to be easy to find space, but now I struggle to include them.
Ptolemy- Still great. Minor balance changes, but still the same awesome dedicated minelayer.

Pytheus- Don't use these much, not sure if they're any good.
Alea- Mainly use these in the Rho specialist squadron. Nice little babby Ptolemy.

Armoured Units
Coeus- No comment.
Herodotus- I completely missed that this has been a robot for ages. Shows how much I use it. Reduced mobility and drone nerfs has really knocked it.
Arronax- Rumours of it gaining Submersible and maybe naval core abound. Until then, great on land, **** in water.
Callimachus- Still very silly. Still something to build around.

Skorpios- Far too expensive. They were a struggle to include before they were bumped, now I don't really use them.
Socrates- Still reliable. Probably the best Armoured medium choice.
Atticus- Avoid at all costs. Take more... anything, really.
Orpheus- Great for synergy. Give it CC(Sustained Assault, Robots), attach it to an Archimedes and bring a squadron of Colossus Robots. Fun results.

Colossus- Slow as all hell, but cheap. Advance behind terrain or a friendly Archimedes, then gank something.
Xenophon- Same as always. I prefer the Colossus because robots.
Janus- Eh, would be better if infantry were more readily available.

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Thanks heaps for the detailed response, I appreciate it.


So I'll need to pick up a bombardment box and look sadly at all my carriers except for Kepler's sitting in the transport box. 


Should make for an interesting list...glad I didn't shell out for extra diophantus' when they were first available on the store!

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I quite like the Omega Squadron - Sure it isn't perfect but it's 50 points more than the aristotle/kepler combo and chucks out similar RB4 fire with an extra 5 drones.  Obviously not as much of an auto include as the ari/kep combo but still it proves itself everytime I use it, generally to hammer a russian dread that often takes to the field against me

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