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Oroshan choice against dindrenzi

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I was considering trying to fit some escorts in, they extra AD is great, but against dindrenzi when I will be trying to throw lots of 8-12 AD attacks, stacking them on top seemed unnecessary.

Worth another look.

Btw, he fleet will probably be



2 battlecruiser

3 cruiser

6 frigates

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We played 1200 points

He took

Dread with 3 rsn escorts


3 cruisers

3 destroyers

6 frigates

I took

2 naked battlecarriers with bombers

2x 4 cruisers

1x5 and 1x6 slayers

I went very easy on the upgrades as I wanted lots of shots, rather than lots of juicy railgun targets

The scenario helped blunt his railgun fire (capture resources) he spent his time trying to skirt all the terrain and trying to line up his sweetspot shots, where as I hid in the terrain taking the impeded effect until he was in range for my ships pounce into their own sweetspot.

Also, apparently having ships with a hole in the middle helps, he lined up a 21 AD shot on one of my cruisers with his dread and managed to score 6 hits :)

He outflanked his dreadnought as well which I think was a huge mistake in this game

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