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Ruckdog's Directorate

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I've finally gotten around to working on my Planetfall stuff! I'm starting with the Directorate.

Here is everything cleaned up, washed and ready for priming:


I got everything primed today! I did all the ground vehicles in black, the flyers in white, and the infantry in grey:


I've also gotten fairly far along on painting up my two test models; one is a tank, to test the vehicle scheme, and an the other is a stand of infantry:


Of the two models, the tank is further along than the infantry stand is. I still have some detail panting and basing work to do to both, but I'm happy with the progress. I'll post a better, close-up pic once I've finished these two.

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Just a quick status update! I've gotten all the blue-grey accents done on all the vehicles, given some of the vehicles their first pass of drybrushing, washed the infantry stands, and given them their first pass of drybrushing as well:


With the weekend coming up, I may just push through and finish all of these guys up! If not, then I should definitely have them done by the end of next week.

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So, I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I hoped, but I did make a little progress. I got the drybrushing done for both the infantry stands and the vehicles, and got most of the Boltgun accents done on the vehicles:


Overall, I'd say I'm still on track to have these guys finished by the end of this week!

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Took me a day or two longer than I planed (I got hit with some sort of weird 24 hour bug), but I've finished my Core Helix for my Directorate. Behold!


That's two heavy tanks, 6 medium tanks, 4 specialist EW tanks, 10 recon buggies, 2 APCs, and 12 stands of infantry. Whew! Not bad for a couple of weeks worth of effort (for me anyway!).

Here are close-ups of individual models:

Desolator Heavy Tanks


Retaliator Medium Tanks


Trojan EW Tanks


Informer Recon Buggies


Intruder APCs


Patriot Infantry



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Looks good!


Where did you get those grass tufts?


Those are made as part of the Army Painter line; they have several different colors of the things to match whatever basing pattern you are going with. The ones I'm using here are their "Wilderness Tuft-4mm."


Very nice.


You didn't glue the guns on the APCs ?


To be honest, I didn't even realize there were supposed to guns until you said something and I took a closer look at the pictures in the store :blink: . Going back through my box of stuff, I was able to find one set of the things, so it looks like I may of lost some pieces along the way. I dunno...I kind of like how they look without them; I may leave them off. I made a similar decision for the large tanks and the spherical projectors on their front; I found the grill detail there to be much more interesting ;) .

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