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1k battle - Operation Death Fleet - A tale of woe

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For my First Real battle Report, we find two sides who are both brutal brawlers. Myself Commanding the EOTBS second fleet whilst my opponent oml (lee) commands his KOD hunter pack.
The sides consisted as follows for this 1k vs 1k battle
EOTBS Second fleet
Kaiju Heavy battleship with Shields
3 Tanuki Gunships
4 Uwatsu Frigates
Allied Feilong Sky Fort
Allied Feilong Sky Fort
2 Allied Nu Frigates
KOD Hunter Pack
Raggnarok Pocket battleship
Raggnarok Pocket battleship
Asguard Heavy Battle carrier
1 Skagerrak gunship
2 fafnir light skyfortress
5 korsor corvettes
4 korsor corvettes
Before we kicked off, we decided for time and ease to avoid Tac Cards and that we would be aiming for 70% value. We rolled for the unimportant Strategic advanatage which Lee won, thus I made him start setting up first.
For the purposes of the shoddy quality of pictures ive taken, I am at the bottom of the pictures so will refer to positions from that view.
We lined up as follows
Lee went for pairing up his Raggnaroks just to the right of centre, Asgard in the middle with its Tyrs and some Korsors, finally his left flank consisted of Fafnirs and more deadly Korsors.
Island placement meant i could hide a little, but not that great against Fafnirs in the skies. I deployed my Tanukis, Uwatsus and Nu's close to the island Feilongs near central and my Kaiju faced down both Raggnaroks. All SAS on the table was Fighters apart from one block of 5 from Lees side which was Dive bombers, marked with a green dice. I had decided that to make use of swarm tactics deploying in 3's was my best tactic, kamakazing into the superior Danish fighters where needed so they couldnt bring their fearsome ack ack against the Feilongs.

Turn 1
Lee won the roll and started off with some Fighter and spotter action, spotting one of the Feilongs twice, he'd need another to negate its obscured penalty.
we matched eachother fairly well for activations at this stage so the first major ship activations consisted of moving the Tyrs forward towards my tanukis, trying to use the island infront of them to screen them a little, I moved my expendable Nu frigates up a little.
Lee made his first major mistake at this point, he moved his central Korsor unit up alongside the Tyrs, creating a huge cluster of models, well hidden by the island....or so he thought.
Unleash the Fury!! well the Fury generator that is, yep Lee had clear forgotten about Node Fury generators on the Feilongs. At this stage I moved my leftmost Feilong straight Up towards the cluster and they were well in range for the fury to wreak some havok, The template placed over 4 korsors and 4 Tyrs, Causing 9 fires and 2 dead AP. The gunnery shot down one of the Korsors from RB 3

Lees Next activation was to move the Fafnirs up, they tried to pick off some Frigates from RB 3, but hitting on 6's and High CR resulted in no damage. The Tanukis activated next, managing to straddle RB3 and 4 to shoot the lead fafnir and rocket the one slightly further back. Shooting caused a crit on the lead one and rockets getting a DR, Hard pounding on the crit and a Fire on the other. 
Asgard, Ragnarroks and Kaiju all moved up , combined fire putting a single point of damage on my Feilong on my right, tame stuff for turn 1.
My second Feliong, not wanting to be outdone by its brother Moved full trying to inflict more pain on the cluster of smalls, resulting in a further 14 fires.
Thats right - 23 fires across 7 models, Node Fury it too strong....something I will talk about in my conclusion.
Final activation was lees big squad of Korsors, which now sped towards to tanukis, however due to careful planning they would be just shy of dropping that high payload mine right infront of my mediums - phew!!
Repairs Resulted in 4 Tyrs sinking to fires and the Korsors losing most their AP

Turn 2
So after turn 1 the board looked like so
Priority , Lee wins again..... and to be fair, there is only one real activation at this point

Yep, Korsors move as far as they can and drop mines, their shooting kills one of my Nu Frigates and they board the other, killing it.  
My closest Feilong to the Korsors activates , moving off to help against the Asgard and dual Rags. Places its node over the Korsors and inflicts 11 Fires, it shoots the Skagerrak gunship, inflicting a crit which is weapon damage.....nice :)
The Asgard moves up now, bringing its firepower towards the Feilong , however that Harmlessly bounces. However Lee uses the crafty Commodore ability to push the mine 2 inches towards the Tanukis, going to be hard to avoid now.
The Kaiju activates next, moves, then fries the shields of the Asguard with the Disruption node, the resulting shots only result in a single DR and a fire.
By this time its clear that Lees dice are having major Malfunctions , he moves the Fafnir again, trying to kill the uber powerful Uwatsus and tanuki, but the dice cant even roll a hit on the uwatsus and only a single DR on the Tanukis.
Back to me and I activate my second Feilong, it powers towards the unshielded Asguard, inflicting a Crit and engine damage, its Fury generator hitting the Ragnarroks and inflicting two fires on one of them.
At this stage we go into about 8 activations of SAS battles , Lee managing to inflict a crit on my Right hand Feilong and roll a Sturginium Flair, however Isolated systems managed to stop the teleport, but not the resulting 5 on the HP loss, for a total of 4 HP !! further attack runs resulted in another DR, It wasnt looking good for that Feilong, down to 3 HP's I played Kamakazie trying to stop his SAS hitting me, by the end there were very few SAS left as we smashed eachother.
The Tanukis went next , using sharp turn to avoid the mine (just barely for the one on my right) They crashed into the Korsors and sunk 1 through Ramming .... go IR 3!!! they powered through to the other side to aim at the Fafnirs again, Critting the same Fafnir again and doing weapon damage.
Lee activated his Ragnaroks next, however his turrets failed to scratch the damaged Feilong, more spectacular failing from Lees Dice, he threw his broadside of 5 dice after rugged construction in desperation more than hope, four 6's and a 5!! I couldnt believe it , a crit from 5 dice on an obscured flier, 1 HP left, Hard pounding that wasnt saved by Isolated.
Last activation from me was to move the Uwatsus up to finish the korsors, I sacrificed 1 to explode the mine and it died , but takes out 2 korsors which were in blast radius, the other 3 destroy the remaining Korsor pair.
Lee had a chance now to finish my crippled Feilong with his second Ragnarrok, moving it to RB 2 for max firepower, then proceeded to only hit 5 times!!! not his day, Lees Final activation was to get his other 3 Korsors up into range to make its mine useful.
End of turn looked like so

Turn 3
After repairs, which were mostly sucessful, Lee again won priority with a roll of a 4!! , trust me to mention that im bound to roll a 3!!
He moved his Korsors forward to drop its mine point blank infront of the Kaiju, shooting point blank resulted in a DR

I had to activate my crippled Feilong before it died, it went full ahead an managed to squeeze to boarding range of the Skagerrak, coming out of the clouds the Fury gen flamed the Ragnarroks
Boarding results in both sides being wiped out, we initially forgot about the sabotage, which after a minute I realise, not enough to sink the skagerrak though......until i roll snake eyes....BOOM!! dies, takes my Feilong with it and also a DR to the Asgard....not bad from a crippled Feilong.
Lees Dice continue to confuse us, His first Ragnarrok moves up , turrets only manage a DR against the mighty Kaiju, then his 7 dice broadside manage 13 hits, causing a crit, Hard pounding strips two crew.
My Remaining Feilong charges towards the Asgard, coming down from the skies to land a crit on the heavily damaged Battle Carrier, the node fails to create more fire. 
The second Ragnarrok pounces on the Feilong and causes a Crit against it , which again is negated by Isolated Systems. I decide at this point to brave the mine and use the kaiju, which takes another point of damage, for a total of 5 now. crippling to most ships, but then again, most ships dont have brutal close range turrets like the Kaiju and most of its other weapons are unaffected. It moves to face the asgard, and fires its torpedos at it, its turrets smash into the closest Ragnarrok, followed by its rockets. Causing a crit with turrets, a DR on the rockets and a Crit on the Asgard with torpedos. The Ragnarrok has 7 fires buring by this point and takes a hard pounding for 2 crew loss. The asgard suffers C&D.
Lees horrific dice continue, Fafnirs close on the Tanukis and fire 22 dice at the damaged one in an effort to kill it...........4 hits, 4 hits from 22 dice.....god awful.
The uwatsus rub salt into the wound, moving to RB 2 and causing a crit on the Fafnir with only 1 HP lost, which turns up another snake eyes......explodes, taking the other one with it and one of the remaining Tyrs out in the blast.
I play mop up at this point, and the Tanukis sweep around to blast the Asgard into bits......sealing the win for me and my new death tournament list.
There were a few factors here which influenced the game, firstly Lee forgetting about the Node Fury, second was his completely erratic dice rolling. Lastly was the power of nodes.
Nodes just feel wrong, not so much now they work, but for us after discussion the radius of the node is just too great, even spread out smalls will be hit by the node fury, we were perhaps thinking more the energy blast template size rather than the current 4" template. 
Other than that, this was just a typical me tournament list, brutal, efficient and tough as nails.
Arguably more squishy than my French, but equally as killy, with some nice utility from the node projectors.


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Fury generators only attack a single model, not "all models withing range."



Fury Generator (Range")
The Activating Model may target a single Model
within the Range" listed in the bracket. Roll a D6 and
consult the table below:


Maybe this will help.


Either way, good batrep - keep them coming!

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Node rules make the fury gen affect every model under their template, otherwise there would be no need for it to be a node launcher (it would instead be a fury gen with a 24 inch range).

Nice report thyphs, that list seems every bit as horrible as I imagined. What are your thoughts on the feilong and isolated systems on rolls other than 5+?

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Node rules make the fury gen affect every model under their template, otherwise there would be no need for it to be a node launcher (it would instead be a fury gen with a 24 inch range).

Nice report thyphs, that list seems every bit as horrible as I imagined. What are your thoughts on the feilong and isolated systems on rolls other than 5+?


I think Isolated 3+ on the Feilong needs nerfed to 4+ at best, possibly even a 5+, yeah they take damage, but to stop crit effects is very powerful.

Perhaps 4+ due to it not working against things like piercing 

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