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Limiting bombers?

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They're just as good defensively, just as like to destroy a wing, and will almost always land a Critical Hit. Last game, I was perfectly happy obliterating Sorylian Frigates off the Objective, and daring bigger stuff to wander into range.

The extra Fighter range doesn't seem to matter, as a 6-Wing Token is generally depleted after two attack runs. I have never been disappointed by Bombers; I cant say that for Fighters or Assault Craft.

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Some examples, I take a Fighter flight with its distance reach zig zag in on the attack run to dogfight a Bomber group on the way in to attack a ship. My dice luck has held for several games and I usually succeed in driving of or at least killing a couple of wings before hitting the prime target.

They lack the reactive ability of 4an Interceptor so I just go offensive with them. As for damage, I have fairly good dice so 10 or 12AD is a good threat, even go critical on an average battleship.

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The problem there is that hits are pretty toothless unless the only goal is to open a path for an assault (capture the station).  Bombers that take 4 hits will launch again next turn.  Kills are a much bigger deal that hits, and bombers and fighters are equal there.

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All SRS hit on 4, Fighters/interceptors kill on 5/6's?


Actually, I would consider to have interceptors achieve kills only on 6s in that case.


Interceptors would be more about providing a general screen and a quick reaction to threats (i.e., interception...), good at discouraging and disrupting attacks but lacking firepower compared to purpose-built space superiority fighters.


Fighters would be less useful in screening larger vessels but very good at actively hunting down other SRS (while having some secondary strike capabilities against ships).

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I think PD is fine as it is to be fair. You just have to ensure that you screen the important ships with lighter ships rather than leading the line with the big dudes. Plus the look on your opponents face when you roll three 6's is generally worth its weight in gold hahaha

I did that once with a mine from one my gunships; rolled 4 six's on 7 dice. He had shot down four of mine in one go earlier too...

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For me the Fighter's 3+ to hit is what scores for me most, netting that total drive-off and putting bombers back in the bays.  And if I feel like being a total @$$, as a Hawker player I can send Fighters on attack run to drive off the enemies Support Shuttles, hit their ship (hopefully score a crit) and then hit them right after with Cyberwarfare from the carrier for multiple penalties/hazards.

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For me the Fighter's 3+ to hit is what scores for me most, netting that total drive-off and putting bombers back in the bays.

Wait... How many dice are you rolling with your Fighters? How many Wings do you have in your Token, and how many Wings are in the Bomber Token you're attacking?

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Wow!, I didn´t expect this thread raising so much interest. Thanks guys! :)


After the announcement of the incoming 3.0 we can suggest more stuff for SRS such as MARs affecting them an so on.


I still looking for rules that favour the inclusion of more fighters over the rest of SRS. I came up with the following:


The "Wing" value on a ship makes up for her mos specialized craft. Fighters are the only non-specialiced and are alwasy present on a carrier or other capital ship with wing capacity, so I thought the carriers could have an standard extra ammount of wings (and deploy an extra SRS token) providing the wings on that extra tokens MUST be fighters. The standard value for a large carrier is 4 and 1 for medium-sized carriers (who use split berth). Fighter can still occupy a specialized wing value but token are still limited to 6 wings.. and you still have to pay the cost for the fighters. 


I think this helps zenian carriers having more tokens around


So, What do you think about last idea?


What about MARs for SRS? Should be race-specific? An option for elite SRS? New MARs for SRS (for example one that lets aquan bombers deploy mines xD)?

elite SRS shouls be limited and can have MARs like agile or precision strike, for example, and bombers can have specialized payloads (EMP, biohazard, corrosive etc..)



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Or admit that PD and AD will always be the most useful choice, and attempting to make the 3rd choice more viable is just doomed. Support shuttles can be given more utility, maybe minesweeping, but fighters have been, for the last 3 edutions, the last choice.

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They have been the last choice becaue they aren´t specialized. This means they need to to be deployed numbers to be effective which is a problem for them. You can easily see a  3-wing token of intercepors or bombers on any typical FA game, but no one is going to spend the wing capacity of a carrier in a 3-wing fighter token. With the above post I made you can spend  1-2 points from your carrier´s wing capacity to get a 5-6 strenght fighter token. This will give interceptors more value as defensive SRS but the bulk of the SRS combat will rest on the fighters as offensive craft. making the game closer to the typical space opera films we use to watch in TV an cinemas.


I like the idea or giving more PD or AD but IMO I think that should be reserved to elite squadrons or Aces, and only the most important carriers embark those Aces (such as Rogue squadoron in SW)


I malde a little list of MARs that could be applied to SRS


- Fighers

Precision strike


Ace options (1 more PD, more range, maybe 1 more AD)




Ace options (1-2 more PD, more interceptor range, more speed)



Biohazard warheads

EMP (I prefer to call them EMP, Pulse or ion warheads instead of "decimator" as it used to confuse me making me thinking they work like biohazard, Decimator is an apt name for a Directorate craf)

Corrosive wahreads

nukes (resolved after the token returned to base)

Ace options (1 more AD, more range, precision strike)



Special forces (available only to carriers that already have this option such as assault carriers)

more range

Ace/elite options: 1-2 more AP, 1 more PD


- Shuttles

Experienced engineers

Temprally providing "elite crew"in the end phase to a model within range, then return to base.

MInelayers: able to deploy a mine token (and then return to base). This option is only available depending on specific factions.

Minesweepers (as Pok said) doing the opossite as above if they get within range of a mine token (minefield does not explode)

maybe having a PD of 1 allowing escort duties.

more range/speed

No Ace options for shuttles



Finally I think the options for ships that increase wing capacity should be all free as you already have to pay for SRS, (a +3 wing capacity increase for 5 points cost you 20 points in practice, 5 for the option and 15 for the wings... thats the cost of a frigate!) Instead you have to pay for the SRS options. you can have a token have 1 starndard option and 1 ace option (to avoid adding too many special rules to just a token.

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