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Firestorm Taskforce

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Someone said its in the same scale? Every faction looks so... Different, excepting the Rensi and Sorylians. What even? What dies fastplay mean? Particularly since Armada's only major fault is being anything but fast, haha

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Same scale is good. So ahould be compatible. A good thing!

Possibly light cruisers and variants as my comment got a like from the guy in the know. Certainly look smaller than regular cruisers.

New smalls for each faction too. Mistook the Dind one for a sgian. Similar shape but different.

If the Dind variant drop on gives lots of PD or protects other ships or is called Targe class or a similar sheildy name Ill be jolly happy!

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Ok so ill start guessing...

Light cruiser

Escort carrier

Both look like good bets.

Terrans have a heavier looking light carrier. Dind one appears to have juiced up broadsides.

A heavy-light cruiser?

Support ship?

No idea what the smalls can be if they are not frigates or corvetttes.

Im excited!

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I don't know that this is a new... Game? I mean, look at the box contents, and knowing they're on the same scale, plus the fact that the phrase "new classes" would imply that they're in addition to something that already exists... Holy bejeebus. This is big, whatever it is. Except that it also seems to be small. Small big. Big small.

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