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2 questions : Overwatch with LP and punisher drones

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We did a game this weekend, and we stumble on a few rules :


First, if a squadron is put on overwatch at the start of the turn with Logistics Points, can/must it activate later in the turn (in the case it didn't fire the overwatch, ofc)  ?



We also had a few question about the Directorate's punisher drones (with arbiter, or within the heavy helix). Some question may seems basic, but I want to be sure to cover every possibilities :

- If the drone is destroyed, does the rest of the squadron have to make a disorder test ?

- If the tanks of the squadron takes damage, does the squadron have to make a disorder test ?

- If the squadron fails a disorder test, can the drone take damage in the end step, from disorder markers ?

- If the tanks of the squadron are destroyed, does the oponent gain TV, or does he also have to destroy the drones ?

- If the squadron is being fired at with interceptor weapons, does the attacker have to chose a target height level (FAQ) ?

- Can the drones move when they are deployed, or must they remain in base contact with the deploying tank ?

- Can the squadron remain stationnary, deploy the drones, and still fire placed shots ?

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As you put the squadron in the Pre-Turn Phase in Overwatch, you can activate them normally in this turn. Its like they took their Overwatch marker from last turn.


The drone becomes part of the squadron, so




-no TV, only if squad is destroyed (with the drone deployed)

-yes -> FAQ

-4'' -> FAQ

-interesting question, i would say yes

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The Orbat says, the drone is embared. But disembarking is only available to Infantry (pdf rb page 72)


The orbat also says its deployed. May be a battle over wording, but my take would be that it is not a movement action.

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As Brimat said, yes they can still activate, it's just as if they were left on Overwatch for their previous turn. If by the time you come to activate them, they have NOT taken their overwatch action, they can activate as normal. Otherwise if they take their overwatch shot they obviously can't activate later as they'll gain an activation marker etc.


First 4 question can be answered by simply stating, as the rules say, when deployed it IS part of the squadron, in EVERY sense. It is not it's own independent entity, it is now part of the squadron. It has to take the same movement actions as the squadron, it can join in CQB with the squadron, it can deny TV of the Squadron if it's still alive and the rest aren't, it can be assigned disorder markers, if it takes damage the squadron has to take disorder test etc etc.


As for question 6, as Brimat says when you deploy the drone, you can put it anywhere within coherency of the squadron, so it doesn't have to deploy in base to base of it's launching unit, you can deploy it anywhere within 4" of any member of the squadron. It does not then get to move, obviously, as you can only deploy it after the squadron finishes a movement action, and thus it then becomes part of the squadron who already moved, so no more movement.


As for question 7, of course you can, deploying is not a movement action at all, it's a special rule for "deploying" the drone and is done independent of any movement the squadron does, after it has taken a movement action. Nothing about deploying the drone invalidates remaining stationary and gaining placed shots.


As for the suddenly Leviathan issue, the Haunter is suppose to be embarked and able to disembark as per infantry, just Core has suddenly found a hole in the rules for it that no one ever thought to consider before as the intention with the Haunter is clear..! So congratulations, that one actually does genuinely need FAQing as RAW, it cannot disembark, you are correct. But that is the intent, it's an exception in that it is a vehicle that is docked into another vehicle, that needs to disembark from it.

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You must have missed the magic bullet ruleing. Hit and run can shoot something for points then withdraw afterwards aswell wich is fun.


This doesn't bother me at all, it's actually kinda logical... A fast and agile unit that deliver a last blow before quickly disengaging itself.

On the opposite, no one can deny the fact that a lonely and worthless drone withdrawing and saving many TV is totally illogical.


EDIT: And about this Leto thing, i would never use it as it goes against the spirit of the ruleg/ame. I think you should open your own topic to complain about Dindrenzi as it is not the point here.

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