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Nukes and Infantry

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In the rule book it states: 


The artillery Strike is always considered to gain the Aft Attack bonus (reducing the DR of all targets under the template by -2) --Page 83 digital rule book


It also states under flank and aft bonuses:


Models with the flying LoS Class, Infantry (both types) or with Sectored Armour MAR are never affected by Flank or Aft attacks -- Page 107 digital rule book


So the question is are infantry somehow better at taking a hit from a nuke than an armoured element?

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Yes, and no. Let me put it this way, if artillery (we'll use a traditional modern kind for this example) is about to land and you get a little bit of foreword which is more likely to get out of the way a tank or an infantryman? The Infantryman. Why? Because if nothing else he can dive behind said tank, a wall or barricade or worst case...into lead impregnated kevlar lined box. Think of every action movie where the hero narrowly jumps into a room shutting the door RIGHT before the fireball or is thrown by the explosion right behind them, its that. The tank pretty much HAS to take the hit, the infantry can react a good bit quicker to danger and get out of the way. The fact that we're trying to have as few exceptions to rules as possible just gives a way to make that action hero jump have rules. The truth is they don't take the hit better, they dodge it. Also, keep in mind that some infantry only have 3DR. An aft hit means they're DR 1 and you can wipe a grand company with even a crappy roll.

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