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Grey Mage

RC vs KoD at Bornholm

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So, played another match today with a visiting friend, while he plays Russians he was limited in model selection by the force I own. As such he fielded the following:

Borodino- Stoic- 220
Borodino- Stoic- 220
Dudinka- Stoic, Glacier Gen- 200

Azov- 120 Regular- 130
3x Suvorov- Defensive- 225
2x Saransk- 160
Merchant Carrier- 60

4x Rostov- 160
4x Novgorod- 120

3x3 Fighters, 1 Recon Plane.
Carrier brought 1x5 Fighters, Recon Plane, merchant carrier brought 4x Fighters.
15 Activations.

I fielded:

Gevvitterwolke- 135
Ragnarok- Shield, Vikings- 160
Ragnarok- Shield, Vikings- 160

2x Fafnir- 190
2x Fafnir- 190
3x Skaggerrak Mk2- 285
3x Sigurd- 180

4x Korsor- 100
4x Korsor- 100

3x 4 Fighters.
Fafnirs brought- 2x4 Fighters, 2x4 Dive Bombers. *If Id known he would take no jammers I would have used torpedoes instead!*
16 Activations.

Deployment: He went with the Russian Specialty and made a large mass to the my right. The leftmost ship was the Carrier, which he had chosen for his Flagship. To its left was the Saransk and the Azov, while to its right was one borodino, the 3 cruisers, and another borodino with the merchant carrier in its wake. The destroyers flanked further to the left, the frigates were spread out near the middle borodino.

I had drawn admiral and 50%, and felt no desire for subtlety- I deployed my Gungnir straight across from the Saransk and Dudinka, with the twin Rags just to its right. Both squadrons of Fafnirs had advanced deployed, one Korsor squadron was in reserve, the other hiding behind an island to my left. The Sigurds provided some small cover to the Skaggs.

Unbeknownst to me he had gotten the destroy all larges order.

Turn 1 was largely unremarkable. He went first, and we played SAS tag for a bit. The Rostovs puttered forward to target my Ragnaroks in two volleys, did one damage and chaos and disarray, and later two korsors who poked their heads out were hit for a point each by the fire of his Saransk and Azov. My long range fire bounced off most of his stuff, though the Azov got 4 damage from the combined fire of my fafnirs, and the Gungnir rolled forward a mighty 10" to damage a saransk. I took it was a win.

Turn 2 was rough. He used sturginium boost, and closed rapidly. Borodinos at close range are no joke. I completely lost a ragnarok to one borodino and the support fire from the dudinka. Our SAS grappled with each other- he lost both larger fighter squadrons this turn, and the rest were capped onto larges quickly. I downed the azov with fire from my Fafnirs again, and the Gungnir took a damage from the Saransk in return. My sigurds fired on the suvorovs, and managed to destract him from my Skaggs. I lost 2 Sigurds from their return fire and the weight of the second borodino. I removed 1 destroyer with my Korsors, and lost 2 Korsors in return.

The Skaggs closed-  not quite a shipslength inside RB 1 they opened fire on the unharmed central borodino- 39 dice of death. Im sorry I doubted them. I mean it. 14 6s on the initial roll, 47 hits total. Triplecritting the behemoth felt like winning the game, with a sturginium leak and two hard poundings removing 5 AP. He failed to repair one of the Corsican markers, putting it at 2hp.

Turn 3 was another bloodbath. I lost a Skag right off the bat to the Dudinka, and my korsor squadron was wiped out. The remaining 2 Skags motored on towards the carrier, double criting it despite having a damage on one gunship. The Ragnarok finished off the wounded borodino, took out another frigate, and the rear turret finished off a suvorov. My last Sigurd took out another and died in return. My Korsors came in and did nothing memorable. The Saransk attempted to board the Gungnir and were disuaded at gunpoint, taking 5 HP off it in return for 9 of the boarders, and the second combat from a card saw both sides wiped out, my Flagship with 2 fires on it. My Fafnirs then ripped into the Saransk with a fury, downing one and all but crippling the other. I lost one squadron of dive bombers to heavy AA fire from the dudinka, the other failed to harm it. In return the dudinka put a crit on each of my remaing skags. The Destroyers did 1 damage to the crewless and very aerial Gungnir.

Turn 4 His opening volley from the borodino shattered one skagg, putting them both on one HP each. They in turn attempted to board the dudinka. Even with CAP he only stopped 3 boarders, and the bloody melee that insued saw me victorious with a prize crew of 1! Unfortunately, he recaptured it with the remaining 2 frigates. He destroyed one of my smaller blimps, but the borodino was to close to fire at the Gungnir, so it survived, if marineless and still slightly smoking. The Skags were finished off by the destroyers and frigates, while my Korsors moved up to remove the frigates from the game- but were to far to board the carrier and remove the 2 crew there.

I had 3 Fafnirs, a rather damaged Gevvittirvolke, a half dead Ragnarok and a squadron of Korsors left to me. He had an undamaged Borodino, 2 Destroyers, 2 frigates 1 Suvorov, a merchant carrier, and was back in control of his derelict carrier. I won, technically, having removed his commodore from the game. It seemed a rather phyric victory. Playing turn 5 just for fun found the entirety of my ships wiped out, his Borodino down 1 hp, his frigates wiped out, and his remaining suvorov taken aswell. We called it at that point.

He had taken 1085pts, I turn had taken 1290 by the end, though at the time of winning it was 925 to 1080. Ever so technically a crushing victory.


He was surprised at just how quickly the Skags were able to move on turn 2- I had only moved them 8" the turn before- and was still in shock at their firepower. I in turn was somewhat upset about being wiped from the seas. He Lamented not having a Tunguska to play with, and I resolved to get one for my forces. Danish SAS still reigns supreme, and he didnt regret capping turn 2 in the least, and the heavy ack-ack was a pain. There was alot less boarding this game than the last two, the ranges didnt quite work out in its favor.

Im not sure what I could have done to have survived however. I needed the activations from the Fafnirs to much to switch them for other models that would have been more easily fired upon by the Ruskies. He thinks the carrier and just sucking up the activation loss would be a better plan, and I admit to being somewhat interested in fielding my counts-as Nemesis to help the fleet out. But with the need to take Furies aswell, it gets really expensive- more so than say another squadron of Sigurds, which means that I would have had to lose even more activations. Escorts cant count as their own smalls to the Mediums Capital right?

Im not sure how well I would have done if hed been able to spend those last five points on making the Saransk a Tunguska instead, of had access to more Mortars. The Glacier generator was less useful than I had expected. The destroyers were more effective than I expected, but he seemed to think it was about par for the course.

1500pts is starting to feel tight, which is bad, since most of the players in the area north of here cap out around 1000.

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