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1500pts PE vs FSA (Armoured)

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Good evening, my fellow commanders.


Over the course of two hours NaH2PO4_aq and myself played our first game of Dystopian Wars using an Armoured Core Force Type. We played 1500 pts, using TAC cards. We used the vanilla terrain deployment rules, though we were quite liberal with it and took the opportunity to add in a road (the somewhat vaguely penciled in lines on the board). We might've embellished the board a little.




NaH2PO4_aq's list consisted of:

  • 1x Savannah-class Sky Fortress (/w Target Painter upgrade)
  • 1x Philadelphia-class Landship
  • 1x Tennessee-class Landship (/w Rocket Battery)
  • 1x B-72 Heavy Bomber
  • 3x Reno Heavy Tank
  • Deliverance Bombardment Squadron (3x Yorktown Bombards and a Recon Infantry /w Expert Spotter upgrade)
  • 3x Jackson Medium Tanks
  • 5x Avion Strike Bomber
  • 5x Defiance Robots
  • 5x Pioneer Light Tanks

My own list consisted of:

  • 1x Seydlitz Mobile Airfield
  • 1x Metzger AUSF-B Battle Robot
  • 1x A9-V Sturmpanzer Landship
  • 1x Adler Heavy Bomber
  • 3x Pflicht Scoutships
  • 3x A6-V Medium Tank
  • 3x A6-V Medium Tank
  • 3x BS-3 Bombards
  • 5x Walze Light Tank
  • 5x Walze Light Tank

Both NaH2PO4_aq and I forgot to use Strategic Forces, which in hindsight might've proven helpful. I drew the "Vital Asset Destruction" Order, which would have me destroy a Savannah, Tennessee and Philadelphia. A wise man might've opted to go for 70% instead. NaH2PO4_aq drew "Commodore's Discretion". Previously we had discussed my list and we pointed out that I had a weak point in the number of smalls. This led me to believe NaH2PO4_aq selected "Thin Their Ranks", though it would later turn out he had gone for "Go For Their Leader" instead.





The FSA deployed first, placing their Savannah dead center. On the western flank they placed a squadron of Avions aiming to harass any targets of opportunity. The eastern flank held most of the American fighting force, with the Tennessee and the Jacksons preparing to move down the road through town.
The Prussians elected to hold a strong center, preparing to march straight down the center with their left flank offering fire support in the form of the BS-3 bombards and some Walzes, and the right flank reinforced with fast moving aerial units as well as some lighter units, with a squadron of A6-V's taking the road through the industrial complex.
Turn 1
The first turn opened quietly, with many of the smaller aircraft jostling to position themselves for attack runs in subsequent turns. Spotters called in locations of high value targets, marking out the Metzger, Adler and one of the Reno's accordingly.
Neither side appeared to want to move within striking distance, waiting for their opponent to make a move first. Eventually, the A6-V's trudged along the road taking advantage of the added 3" to increase their total movement to 10". Seeing units advance forwards, the Reno heavy tanks lumbered forward and opened fire with their grand bombard turrets using Punishing Gunnery, delivering a thundering barrage of 14 AD (good chance of double critting)... They scratched the paint off of one A6-V for 1 damage.
Unimpressed with this lackluster showing, the Sturmpanzer trudged towards the center line lining up it's front two turrets  on a Reno. The frontal Tesla coil discharged its deadly electrical payload towards some Defiance robots near the Reno's but failed to connect. The turrets on the other hand found their mark and inflicted critical damage on the middle Reno.
The towering Metzger shook the ground as it brought it's Speerschleuder to bear and finished off the damaged Reno.
On the eastern flank the Tennessee moved out of the town and deployed it's close support infantry. At range it inflicted light damage on another A6-V, but the close support infantry moved up and barraged the A6-V into oblivion. Seeking an opportunity to avenge the fallen tank the Adler heavy bomber advanced and stuck a Speerschleuder harpoon into the Tennessee for critical damage. In retaliation the Jacksons engaged the Adler with their broadsides, inflicting a crit disabling the Adler's weapon systems. The Yorktowns homed in on the Adler based on the earlier scout reports, easily causing critical damage on the Adler and shredding the remaining Ack-Ack emplacements on the bomber. The B-72 then moved in for the killing blow and blew the Adler out of the sky with a shredding barrage from its forward rockets.
The Pflichts discharged their Tesla coils into the lumbering Savannah, raking the decks with blue arcs of voltaic death and shedding two hullpoints of the behemoth. Back in the center the Seydlitz obliterated another Reno with its frontal gunnery and Tesla coil.
At the end of the round both armies were advancing towards one another at a breakneck pace, with the second turn promising to be a bloody one.
Turn 2

In the opening of turn 2 the A9-V Sturmpanzer raced forward an impressive 9" and destroyed one of two remaining Reno's with its frontal weapons, though it failed to inflict damage on the Avions at range. Overextended, the Sturmpanzer then presented a tempting target for the Avions, who promptly swept down and inflicted crippling damage on the Sturmpanzer with a double crit, shredding its defences and slaughtering two APs worth of onboard marines. The Defiance robots strolled forward, radioing in the location of the Seydlitz mobile airfield and inflicting more damage (though non-critical) on the Sturmpanzer.

Subsequently the Yorktowns followed the spotters directions once more and launched an overwhelming bombardment of rockets upon the Seidlitz, knocking out it's Ack-Ack systems and leaving it very vulnerable all of a sudden. NaH2PO4_aq tried to play his free Tally Ho!-card, though I cancelled it with my Espionage-card. I then overreacted to the impending boarding threats and threw my Pflichts forward, devastating the threatening Pioneer squadron who lost two of their number, obliterating a Defiance robot and inflicting a weapon-damage crit on the Tennessee Landship to the east.

This was only the start of my problems though, as two waves of Dive Bombers swept down on the Seydlitz, inflicting two additional crits and leaving the Seydlitz in a very precarious state indeed!

The sole remaining Reno barged forward, its main turret blasting one A6-V of the damaged squadron to smithereens. Now in range, it launched its complement of assault personnel into the defenceless Seydlitz. Though all assault personnel was slain, they succeeded in sabotaging the Seydlitz and wiping out all defenders. The combination of 0 Ack-Ack and 0 Assault Points meant that the Seydlitz was prized effortlessly by the remaining Pioneers, though the Line Infantry behind the Seydlitz salvaged the now defunct mobile airfield, halving the points gained for destroying the Seydlitz. Panic swept through the Prussian lines, leaving several squadrons in disarray.

On the eastern flank the Pflichts who had inflicted such damage were being punished for their accomplishments, with the Tennessee kicking things off by critting a Pflicht. The Savannah then attempted to ram (!) one of the Pflichts, and the Pflicht failed to ascend swiftly enough. Somewhat surprisingly neither vessel took damage from the impact, though the Savannah was now in position to fire broadsides to both sides, which left the Pflichts in tatters. The Jackson light tanks clambered up the hill and launched their jetpack troops towards one Pflicht whilst ripping another to shreds using their Volley Gun broadsides. The jetpack troops succesfully seized control of the bridge of the stricken Pflicht, commanding a great prize for the Federated States of America. The B-72 drastically cut its forward speed and unloaded rockets into the remaining Pflicht, effortlessly wrecking it while showering debris on the tanks below. This meant that the destruction of the Pflicht squad was now worth 320 VP to the FSA, bringing them above the 50% treshold they needed to win the game.

The Savannah did not make it through this fracas unscathed, being heavily damaged by covering fire from the BS-3 bombards and the undamaged A6-V squadron.

Back in the center the Philadelphia trained both turrets on the Sturmpanzer, finally destroying the Prussian landship. 



End Of Battle

Note: we were pressed for time and had started removing tokens. The Seydlitz was salvaged and the Metzger took some minor damage from disarray.
Crushing Victory for the Federated States of America with 900 VP versus 410 for the Prussian Empire.
The FSA inflicted Shredded Defences on the Seydlitz, and immediatly profited from the opportunity by sending in waves of dive bombers and boarders, smashing a hole in the center of the Prussian advance. In the same vein the FSA inflicted incredible damage on the eastern flank to the Prussian forces, leaving the advance drained of fighting prowess. On the other hand, the Prussians had several nearly undamaged squadrons remaining that would get in optimal range as a second wave in the next turn, while the FSA had suffered significant damage all over their battle line. Had the Seydlitz held, the FSA would have been hard pressed to contain the Prussian second wave. All in all, the game was a lot closer than the VP count would suggest. The Prussians also suffered from holding back their small squadrons so they could not add their prowess to the center, as the Prussian Commodore was afraid that his counterpart had the "Thin Their Ranks"-objective.

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In the end, I believe I got a bit carried away and overextended my advance. Though the Sturmpanzer and Metzger could happily soak the damage and could even be expended in a trade for gaining ground, the Seydlitz was advancing forward at full speed and in hindsight I should've held it back some more. On the other side of the coin I held back my small squadrons as I feared my opponent had selected the order to destroy all smalls, and I did not intend to give an easy victory. Quite the miscalculation, and I paid for that. My other great mistake was probably shoving the Pflichts so far ahead in turn 2. Though they did a ton of damage and did well at what I intended them to do, I probably should've waited a bit until either the B-72 or the Savannah got into range so I could take advantage of that and use boarding as well as the Pflicht conventional weaponry. 


Overall, I've thoroughly enjoyed running an Armoured game for once. Over the course of the past year I played somewhere around fifty games of Dystopian Wars in the naval theatre, and it felt very refreshing to play with Armoured forces. They're quite a bit more squishy and pack less of a punch, though the game runs a lot faster with the abundance of 360 movement. I -do- feel that movement lacked the depth I've come to expect from the naval game. I didn't really miss it on the small squadrons and most of the medium squads, but especially the large and massive squadrons feel very cumbersome. The Seydlitz in particular was pretty much unable to deviate from its course unless I would've chosen to turn it using slow maneuvers, but using that would leave it incredibly vulnerable. Both my opponent and myself felt the Seydlitz was pretty tanky, though we both forgot to roll for Fuel Reserves. It's a very solid mobile airfield and probably one of the better ones, especially due to it's weapon systems.


On the FSA side of things, I was not impressed with the firepower they could put out at range. A great deal of that was to blame on the dice rolling of NaH2PO4_aq, who couldn't roll a six to save his life in the first turn, so we'll have to play some more to get a better feeling for that. I do like how the FSA plays a lot more agressively in the Armoured theatre.

The Prussians fare pretty much as I expected them to, hitting hard at close range with ample amounts of gunnery, tesla and boarding prowess (although I didn't really get to board all that much in this game). The Metzger, Sturmpanzer and Seydlitz are a lot of fun to play around with.

The Adler did decent damage throughout the game and took a considerable amount of firepower to bring down, leaving less firepower directed at the Pflichts. The Pflichts inflicted serious amounts of damage and outperformed my expectations, as I often find them struggling to get to the FSA intact in the naval theatre. I'll definately be supplementing my Armoured forces with air cover in the future.

The A6-V feels somewhat slow, though this is from when I compared them to the Jacksons who pack a near comparable punch but have a 9" movement compared to the A6-V's 7". Granted, the A6-V will be a lot nastier in RB1, so this does encourage very agressive play.

The BS-3 bombards performed well, though spotting targets remains a bit tricky for the Prussians. Of course, it doesn't really help that I spotted a target on an average one out of five times on a 4+, so I'll be blaming chance for that.

The Walzes did not really get a chance to showcase themselves as I held them back. They would've made a superb second wave unit I reckon, but NaH2PO4_aq had the poor taste to win the game before that.

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