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Alliance Patrol Fleet (Terquai core + some Veydreth)

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Hello there!


Yesterday I made a small 800 p Kurak Alliance fleet with a Terquai core. I have little experience with V2.0 rules so I'm posting the fleet there for comments/advice. Thanks in advance :)


Tier 1


Alkonost Assault CV with:    +1 SH, +2" MV, High Energy and 4 Assaulter SRSs. 


1 Arual Assault CR (barebones)

total: 280 p



Tier 2


3 Makalu Torpedo CR with: High Energy

195 p.


3 Hunter DD with: High Energy

225 p.



Tier 3


4 Sular FF




Tactics: Pretty simple. All but T3 models have high energy, so the idea here is to decrease opposing fleet's PD (and some crew) to make it vulnerable to torpedoes early on. The Terquai will maneuver spiralling towards the enemy (presenting the armoured starboard/port) -the usual Terquai tactic I think- while the Hunters lurk for RB 3 early hits, and the T1 elements will drop some mines just in case. (the ACV has been upgraded to match the speed and the high enegy trait present in the Arual, plus she has some shield making her thougher than she looks just in case the opponent targets the ACV for easy BL points)

The attack finishes with a "climax" assault of the ACV+CR+SRS on any surviving enemy´s ship (preferably a T1) ;)


TACs: Power to shields an the ones that increase your speed/maneuverability. You can ge the "Charter legacy" if you plan to shunt the frigates.


Notes: very tempted to get an extra torpedo cruiser squadron instead of the destroyers (Veydreth ships are expensive as Hell, I think some models should drop 5p or more in their cost, specially in the case of the assault cruisers because the Terquai ones are better) but the earlier you drop enemy´s PD the better, because all elements of the fleet can "rain" torpedoes on the enemy and the "Pure" Support Fleets (with just one faction) aren't meant to work on their own (they are menat to be combined with other minor powers)


So what do you think?

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This should be in the Terquai sub-forum...

High-Energy will almost never help you degrade PD, as it has to cause CP damage in excess to the HP damage you caused in the first place. However, if given enough time, it might bring a ship to 0-1 CP, allowing an easy model Capture.

For example, if you plink a model with three hits, you inflict:

-3 HP

3 Hazard (!) Markers

Assuming you don't shoot it ever again, at the end of every Turn, each Hazard marker has a 50% chance of doing nothing... They're mechanically like Exploding d6s against CP, but you have to wait until the end of the following Turn to roll the Explode result... And they don't do -2 CP when they Explode.

On average, 3 Hazards translate to about -3 CP after 3 Turns... Which still isn't enough to cause more PD loss. Also, you may not have the luxury to wait 3 Turns for your target (likely a T1) to lose CP.

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I always find high energy a bit lacklustre too, particularly as you usually have to do damage to put the hazard token on so that hull point is already going to degrade your opponents PD anyway. It can be useful if you plan on boarding later. But you need to stack hazards early to allow them to tick over for a few turns.

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As an alternate to the above two posts actually like the hunters in the role you have cast them. The high energy wont do anything to PD but it does drop peoples crew values and even a 2 point drop can make a serious difference. And both they and the torpedo cruisers are tough to kill at range.


However by taken them in the list you are making it pretty clear that you are going for the boarding route. This is ok but it means that you pretty much have to get the alkonost into close range by turn three. Faffing around by spiralling in will probably not achieve this. If your opponent is competent any ship that loses crew is going to stay well away from the alkonost. And you cant always choose what you hurt with the hunters.


To counteract this I would reserve the alkonost, drop the extra shield and add two more assaulter SRS. Boarding strategies are an all or nothing thing, they arent that great in moderation.


Also unless you have the old models the veydreth destroyers would be the savages, not the hunters :)

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Thanks guys, specially Cas (I was wayting for the veydreth expert  before posting lol ^_^ )


Yeah the use of the Alkonost depends on what faction are you facing. I was aiming for a multi-porpuse fleet against the faction X. But against faction specific you may need changes assing some fleet to shunt, flank or counter-shunt. Those tactics will vary cosniderably when you are facing Dindrenzi in the first battle and in the next  one you  face Relthoza.


I don´t like to make my admiral stay out of the action for a while, but I understand its the thing you have to do with a an assault fleet like this.



Working on 1200 point fleet. ;)

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