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Hi all,


I only have a couple games under my belt and I recently started to use my Terrans, who play a lot closer to the enemy than my fishies. This resulted in a couple situations where we weren't 100% about the rules. If you guys could just answer a couple questions, it would be really helpfull.






Situation 1: "A", "B" and "C" are shooting at the enemy squadron. All of them are in Effective Range with "2". This means that they all use their the EF dices to attack and benefit from all EF MARs against the whole enemy squadron?


Situation 2: "A", "B" and "C" are shooting at the enemy squadron. Only "C" is in effective range with "2", but "A" and "B" can hit "1" and "3" in LR. This means "C" get it's EF dice, "A" and "B" get their LR dice and none of them get to use MARs that recquire to be in EF?


Situation3: "A", "B" and "C" are shooting at the enemy squadron. All of them are in Long Range with "1" and "2", but only "C" can hit "3". This means that "A", "B" and "C" can all use their LR dice against the enemy squadron and "3" is an eligible target as long as "1" and "2" are destroyed by the attack first?



So if I'm not mistaken, the rules allow for some models in squadrons to shoot a little farther than if they were operating alone?



Thanks a bunch! 

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From the digital rulebook, p. 104 under 3. Determine Firing Solution:




All attacks must be considered EITHER an Effective Ranged attack or a Long Ranged attack, regardless of whether it is a single weapon firing or multiple weapons combining their fire.


In situations where targets exist at both Effective Range AND Long Range, decide whether you are firing the weapons as an Effective Ranged attack or a Long Ranged attack – this may lead to an alteration in which Models may be considered to be viable targets, and create variable roll to hit numbers.


If the weapon seeks to target models outside its Effective Range but still within its Long Range (perhaps because the next model in the Target Priority Chain is damaged or has a Debilitating Effect Marker or is likely to be Flanked, etc), the attack is considered to be a Long Ranged attack for the purposes of MARs BUT the number of Attack Dice for each weapon is determined according to their individual ranges and the viable targets in the Target Priority Chain.


So I think it's what you describe in your "Situation 2," actually.

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I don't think he was offering option 1, 2 or 3, I think he was asking about each individually and wanted answers?


1: No, IF you want to use your EF MARs you cannot hit anyone beyond Model 2, you have to go into LR range and thus you have to make the WHOLE attack count as a LR attack to hit anyone beyond Model 2. You can elect to only make an EF attack, but that would mean the only model capable of being destroyed would be model 2. Essentially, if you decide to make an EF attack, benefitting from all/any MARs that need to be in EF, then you can ONLY hit models in EF range of your squadron. IF you want to hit models beyond their EF range that are in LR range, you have to declare an LR attack, losing/gaining benefits of any MARs that function only at LR.


2: Correct, with the addition that the WHOLE attack will count as an LR attack for purpose of enemy MARs too, so if Squadron 1,2,3 were hover vehicles, they'd benefit from -1 HT.


3: Essentially yes, you checked that all models in the squadron are in range, and then when designate who can be damaged, 3 is still a valid target because C can still provide target to it.

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Think Commander Drakere nailed it there. 


You can also elected to shoot individually with your tanks. 

See page 104 of the main rulebook, point 2 - Weapons may combine if they possess a common MAR
Because you are shooting at the same Squadron it doesn't require any additional MAR's. The best times you would consider this are probably:
When one model can get a rear /flank shot, but the others cannot. 
When you want to try and apply a debilitating effect marker for the rest of the squadron.


For example.


You can elect to have "C" shoot in EF range to gain the benefit of any MARs / negate their Hover etc. It will roll only its dice and only "2" will be a viable target.

You can then elect to have "A" & "B" shoot at LR range at the same squadron, combining their dice.


The risk of course is by rolling less dice in each pool you may find that you do less damage overall.

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