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WAR LOG 3726

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Players: ThePayneTrayn vs K.R (not on forum?)

Points: 1000

Scenario: Border Clash

Factions: Pathogen vs Dindrenzi

Score:  8 / 4


Our dice were both hot and cold; he reactor breached me twice, and I captured the second half of a gunship squadron with a 3 wing strong SRS token. Both of our shunt entries were the scatter one; that was interesting...

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Players: Commodore Jones vs Hermit (not on forum)
Point Value: 800
Scenario: Border Clash
Factions: Terran vs Dindrenzi
Score: Terran 3, Dindrenzi 2, tie game




BC: Spook Nuke Torps w/ x2 Armsman accompaniment

CH: x3 Templars w/ +1 SH

CC: x3 Sentinels w/ +2 MV, Nuke Torps, Weapon Shielding, Beams

FF: x4 Pilgrims



BB: Naussica w/ lose Ablative Plating, High Energy, Scatter, -1 Turn Limit, +MV, Split Fire

CC: x3 Secutors

CH: x1 Victory (remove ablative, high energy), x2 Secutors

FC: x4 Sgains

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Finally got this all sorted out:

Players: Ryjak / Nolan

Points Value: 1000

Scenario: Adepticon 1 - Armistice Failed

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi-RSN-Directorate/Sorylians

Battle Log Scores: -1/12

Players: Ryjak / Sean

Points Value: 1000

Scenario: Adepticon 2 - Defense Network

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi-RSN-Directorate / Terran

Battle Log Scores: 1 / 8

Players: Ryjak / Balor

Points Value: 1000

Scenario: Adepticon 3 - Echoes in the Dark

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi/Works Raptor

Battle Log Scores: 9 / -1

Players: Ryjak / Dale

Points Value: 1000

Scenario: Adepticon 4 - Hold the Line

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi/Relthoza

Battle Log Scores: 15/1

2 Wins, 2 Losses, but only 12 of the possible 28 Tournament points. In the NOVA Scoring System, which only uses Battlelog, I would have scored:

2+4+9+11=26, or +6 points from the 20 for all ties.

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Players: DanSG-19 vs. Xen. 

Scenario: Hold the Waypoints. 

Points: 2000. 

Factions: Terrans vs. Directorate/Works Raptor. 

Battle Log Scores: Terrans 20, Dir/WR 18. (Draw on points and objectives)


A back and forth slugging match where every time one of us pulled ahead, the other would pull a rabbit out of a hat and bring the scores back. Perseus light cruisers managed to sucker punch the enemy Persecution and knock its shields out, Wayfarers, Armsmen and Sentinels (yes, ye old rustbuckets of Cruiser Squadron Two) knocked the dreadnought down to size as it cowered in a gas cloud. A late game frigate attack by Xen nearly took my objective. The Perseus, Sentinels and Wayfarers came to the rescue again, annihilating the enemy frigates and ending the game with both fleets holding their own Waypoints, and unable to capture the enemy's. 

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Hi Kurgan,

thanks for joining our tournament and I enjoy entering it into the warlog.

Got some games for you to add, 24 in total from our tournament.


I will post the Overall results in the other tread, so just a short overview here.

We had 16 Players, played on 5 different layouts. so 24 games. Players from all over Germany, Austria and Prague.

All Games are 800 Points I will write the Nicks that I have from the German boards, not sure if they are all here, but expect to find some here.

Overall winner was

1. Enite with 34 Points Battlelog playing Tarakiens

2. Morphipheus with 28 Points playing Aquan

3. Dr Hobo (Dindrenzi) and myself (Aquan) with 25 Points

Game 1 was Border Clash for all

Hahnc vs Bimböse

Aquan vs Bakash

BL 7 vs 9

Ranus Magnus vs Beardman

Directorate vs directorate

BL 9 vs 2

MBr vs Samu

Sorylian vs Relthoza

-3 vs 9

Imp284 vs Ohm

Ryushi vs Relthoza

BL 5 vs 5

Morphipheus vs Kurgan

Aquan vs Directorate

8 vs 1

Zrno.Zaba vs Thora

RSN vs Hawker with allies

-5 vs 10

Sir Jacob vs Dr.Hobo

Dindrenzi vs Dindrenzi

7 vs 5

Enite Vs Resch

Tarakians vs Terrans

10 -5

Second Game was Escalating Engagement

Beardman vs Ohm

Directorate vs Relthoza

10 -2

Resch vs Zrno zaba

terran vs rsn

2 vs 10

Kurgan vs MBr

Directorate vs Sorylian

10 -9

Samu vs Thora

Relthoza vs Hawker with allies

5 8

Bimböse vs Enite

Bakash vs Tarakians

1 vs 9

IMp284 vs Sir Jacob

Ryushi vs Dindrenzi

2 vs 5

Ranus Magnus vs Morphipheus

directorate vs Aquan

1 7

hahnc vs Dr Hobo

Aquan vs Dindrenzi

5 vs 5

Game three was hold the waypoints

we adjusted the Battleog to -10 to + 15,

I will write my numbers, for the warlog +10 should be max.

Ranus Magnus vs Bimböse

Directorate vs Bakash

6 vs 10

Kurgan vs Hahnc

directorate vs aquan

9 vs 13

beardman vs sir Jacob

directorate vs dindrenzi

12 -1

Enite vs Thora

Takakiens vs Hawker with Allies (Tarak)

15 vs 5

Imp284 vs Dr hobo

Ryushi vs dindrenzi

0 vs 15

MBR vs ZrnoZaba

sorylian vs rsn

0 15

Samu vs Morphipheus

Relthoza vs Aquan

1 13

resch vs Ohm

Terran vs Relthoza

-1 +15

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Players: ThePayneTrayn vs B.O.

Points: 1500

Scenario: Border Clash

Factions: Pathogen vs Kedorian (primary) / Works Raptor / Corsairs

Score: -5 / 20, Kedorian victory


My opponent's dice were out for blood tonight; despite the score, the game was fairly close and exciting until he reactor breached both my dreadnought for five hull points and a shunt sicknessed cruiser squadron.

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Thanks for posting; sounds like you had a great event!

How did everyone feel about doing an 800 point event? How long did you give for each game? How many games went to time (vs natural game end) and how did you handle players when they finished?

I will answer this in my tournament thread!

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Players: alextroy vs reddwarf

Points Value: 1200

Factions and Allies: Terran with Hawker Industries vs Directorate with Works Raptor

Scenario: Hold the Waypoints


Battle Log Score: 14/ 0


The Terran and Hawker Industries Tier 3s fell victim to the a shock attack by the Directorate forces, leaving the Battlestation to defend the waypoint alone for nearly 5 turns, thanks to the assistance a gas cloud and the Directorate Heavy cruisers inability to navigate it without failing command checks.  Meanwhile the Hawker Battleship and Terran Cruiser squadron shunted in and smashed the Directorate Battlecruisers and Works Raptor destroyers, along with the flanking frigates, defending their waypoint.

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Game 1

Players: Gasological v Evan (not sure on forum)

Points Value: 600

Factions and Allies: Sorylian vs. Dindrenzi

Scenario: Border Clash


Battle Log Score: 2/7

Wiped out, but I took the enemy carrier with me.



Game 2

Players: Gasological v Keith (not sure on forum)

Points Value: 600

Factions and Allies: Sorylian vs. Terran

Scenario: Border Clash


Battle Log Score: -5/10

Just wiped out. :(

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My group ran a three game mini-tournament to round out our escalation league last week. Here are my results:


Players: ThePayneTrayn vs B.O.

Points: 1200

Scenario: Border Clash

Factions: Pathogen vs Kedorian (primary) / Works Raptor / Corsairs

Score: 8 / 2, Pathogen victory


This was a brutal game that saw several devastating drive-by minings from the corsairs, plus a reactor breach on the Corsairs that softened them up enough to be finished off (they were tanky little buggers). I'm honestly surprised I won; this list ripped apart every other fleet in the league.


Players: ThePayneTrayn vs Datadep5

Points: 1200

Scenario: Escalating Engagement

Factions: Pathogen vs Terquai

Score: 1 / 15, Terquai victory


Now this was an interesting game. Both of our dice went crazy; a single 2AD mine (dropped mainly for the grins and giggles) rolled a long string of sixes, enough to double-crit a torpedo cruiser! My friend got his back though, when a single torpedo cruiser turned 7AD into 22 on my dreadnought!



Players: ThePayneTrayn vs dcgoose86

Points: 1200

Scenario: Planetary Invasion (modified)

Factions: Pathogen vs Terran and Oroshan

Score: 15 / -8, Pathogen victory


This was a modified scenario in that both players could invade the planet (10 AD with special forces, gaining +1 BL and another +1 BL for every two successes you had), and bonus battle log for destroying the enemy admiral (-1 BL if you lose yours). Unfortunately for my opponent, I was able to do both of these (with 3 successes for the invasion).

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Players: Ryjak / Bull99

Points Value: 600 Modified

Scenario: 2 - Escalating Engagement

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi/Directorate

Battle Log Scores: 7/-2

Players: Ryjak / Gasological

Points Value: 600 Modified

Scenario: Control the Waypoints

Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi/Sorylians

Battle Log Scores: 10/-3

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