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Nobody is painting Planetfall

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So after 4 1/2 Firestorm Fleets I just started with Planetfall.

First up will be Dindrenzi in the same colour style like my fleet ( http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12828-nobody-is-painting-here/. )


I allready got 2x Core, 1x Recon, 1xheavy, 1x Levia and 1xRSN... and we just had one core game before...

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Thanks Guys  :)


@SillyWabbit99, why is it so difficult? You can just upload them on abload.de (or any other upload webpage) and just link them to the forum. It´s quit easy.


I'm one of the tech illiterate, but I figured out how to post photos to Imgur so i'll try get some pics of my plannetfall stuff and post them soon

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I really like those Terrans! 

The green/orange on your Dindrenzi isn´t my taste but looks good as well.


How do you do the blue on the helmets? Is it just one time blue? Maybe I should do something like that for my Inf as well


The blue on the Terran helmets is just the smallest dab of Vallejo model colour Turquoise, the infantry seemed to be wearing a full visor as opposed to a helmet and I do all my "glass" in the same turquoise colour.


Being perfectly honest I only got a dindrenzi army because I needed a second army so both myself and my mate could play planetfall. The Terrans along with my Hawker industries allies are my main army. I do have a Dindrenzi star fleet as my main fleet so I decided to get them as my second planetfall fleet.

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